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Before I get into this post, let me clear up a question from my last one. I was asked, "What is a CD opener?". From what I can gather, (I have not used it yet), it's a round piece of plastic that fits perfectly over any side of your CD case. You then take this CD opener and run it across the CD's side to cut the plastic protective wrap that can be so darn hard to get off. I will try to get a picture to post on here for the future.

Now onto my thoughts for the day. I'm not a huge TV watcher (no matter what my wife may say). I have 4 shows that I make sure I watch each week and two that I have really cooled on. It just so happens that the 4 shows I watch come on in consecutive nights so it seems I'm always watching TV when in reality, I only watch an hour or so of TV a day.

24: Monday Night
By far the best action/drama in television show in history. No show has ever griped you more and had so many unexpected twist then this. Jack Bauer has become a TV icon and a hero to patriots everywhere.

Scrubs: Tuesday Night
Has a TV show ever mixed comedy, well written characters, terrific story lines, and life applications so well? Nope. Scrubs is in a class by itself when it comes to making you laugh so hard you could cry along with moments so tender you want to cry.

Lost: Wednesday Night
This show is brilliant. What I love about it the most is not the adventure they are all on now and the mystery of the island, but the fact that the show goes into such great detail to reveal everyone's past. I've always looked at people and wondered what their story is. What was their past like? Maybe it's a result of being a pastor and hearing so many fascinating stores but I've come to realize that everybody has one. Each character on the show is slowly being revealed by flashbacks from their past. I watch and wonder what events would shape my story if I were "Lost".

Thursday: The Office
The most uncomfortable show to watch on television. They use the awkward silences perfect and make you cringe with every off color remark. If you have ever worked in an office, then you know that you have worked along side every character on this show. Now in case you missed last weeks episode, you missed great dialog like this:

Michael: And also, Phyllis, Stanley says that you cry too much and that bugs him.
Phyllis: Stanley and I are close, too.
Stanley: We sit close.

Toby: Every Friday at 4, I have a standing appointment with Dwight for him to file a grievance against Jim. I tell him that I'm sending them to a special file in New York. That box is the special file in New York.

Oscar: I'd say if Jesus saw that, he'd freak out! He'd freak out, Toby!

Michael: How about the Phyllis/Angela dispute.
Angela: You already did me.
Michael: (with Jim mouthing the words to the camera) That's what she said.

And lastly, two TV shows that have fallen from my ranks of "must see TV":
American Idol: This years show was boring and very predictable. I may be the only person not surprised to see Chris go home last night. I kept telling people he wasn't really that talented. The 3 finalist all deserve to be there. But really, who cares. Whoever wins, along with the runner-up, will be hot for a year or so and then fade into the sunset.
Survivor: One of my top 10 favorite shows of all time but this season has been the worst. The players pathetic and the "exile island" theme is lame. Maybe next season will be better but I feel that it may have reached it's peak and now is dying a slow TV death.


The Vogels said…
I agree with Beth, you DO watch a lot of T.V.!!!

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