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How Teachable Are You

I've been thinking a lot lately about "teachableness" (I just made that word up) I've been thinking so much about it in fact that it was the main point in my monthly article this week in the Kernersville news and will be the topic of my sermon this Sunday. The following a sneak preview of both: How Teachable Are You? Last week I had a local business call me for a reference for one of my church members who was applying for a position with the company. After introducing themselves the first thing they asked about the applicant wasn't were they a nice person, easy to work with, or reliable. What they asked was this, "Is this person teachable?" To me there wasn't a better first question to ask. Serving in a church in a full time capacity for almost 14 years, I've come to appreciate someone's "teachableness" more than just about any other trait. I have discovered that having a teachable spirit is something that most people lack, and I wi

My Ikea Experience

Two weekends ago Beth, the kids, and I took our very first trip to the furniture monstrosity of a superstore known as "Ikea". We had been warned by friends about how overwhelming the place is. But really, how imposing can 365,000 sq ft of furniture showrooms be? We arrive at Ikea around 10:15am. We were on assignment to locate Beth some furniture she wanted for our home. All she wanted was a couple of bookcases and a cabinet. This shouldn't be to stressful or to time consuming, right? Once inside we immediately found our way to Ikea's daycare/play area for kids. There you can drop your kids off for up to an hour while you shop in peace. The place is well staffed and looked like a lot of fun. To bad Jacob didn't think so. HE how a melt down when we tried to get him to go play. Maria was all for it but Jacob wasn't having any of it. I tried reasoning with him, threatening him, bribing him but nothing worked. He was going to stick with mom and dad this day. Afte

Review Time: Crowder, Redman, Saw VI and more

Music Reviews David Crowder Band "Church Music" This album has a very different feel from the David Crowder I'm use to. Granted, every CD has actually changed quite a bit, which I think shows a lot of the bands creative ability, but this one so far has been hard for me to fall in love with. Very electronic almost techno feel then a more pure rock/worship style that I prefer in my Crowder music. I think many people, especially musicians, can appreciate this cd and will love it. If "Remedy" which was my favorite Crowder cd, is more your style then you make want to prepare yourself before making this purchase. 3 out of 5 stars Matt Redman "We Shall Not be Shaken" Matt Redman needs no introduction as he as written possibly the majority of worship songs sung in most contemporary churches over the past 10 years. His newest cd, "We Will Not Be Shaken" is full of his congregation-ready, God-exalting songs. At this point, most people have made up thei