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The Van Story (Part Two)

Laredo We arrived at our hotel in Laredo at 3:00 pm on the 21 st . The plan was to meet our Mexico/US customs contact at 4:00 pm. Edmond called at 3:30 pm to determine a meeting spot. To our surprise, our contact was still at work in Monterey, Mexico, which was two and a half hours away. The earliest he could meet us would be 7:00 pm. He asked that we meet him on the Mexico side of the border across bridge two (we soon found out there are two bridges for people to cross coming through the border). He told us to bring all our papers for the van along with the $1700 cash we needed to cover the cost of naturalizing the van. Tim wasn’t too sure about giving a guy we have never met all of our money and papers, but Edmond assured us that this guy was on the up and up. Bridge Two We arrived at the border portion of Laredo, which is over two miles from the actual city, at 7:00 pm. I had to keep reminding myself that we were still in the US because everything had the look and feel of a t

The Van Story (Part One)

To bring everyone who reads this up to speed on the background of “The Van”, I've decided to break this story into two parts. The first will tell the story from April 2012 to August 21st 2012. The second part will share the incredible story of “The Crossing”. April 2012 It was our last night in Mexico City ("MXC"). The team from my church, Main Street Baptist ( ), located in Kernersville, NC, was completing another successful trip.  In addition to spending time at an orphanage and various shelters for abandoned women and children, we spent a large portion of our time assisting our friends, Angie, Pepe, Cese, and Edmond, with their various ministry endeavors. Angie and Cece run a beauty salon in the red-light district of MXC. Their goal is simple: to build relationships with the women and girls trapped in the sex trade industry.  Through these relationships, Angie and Cece have the opportunity to demonstrate God's love to these women.  They are able

My Top Most Anticipated Fall TV Shows 2012

1) Elementary (Tuesdays 10pm CBS) 2) Revolution (Mondays 10pm NBC) 3) Arrow (Wednesdays 8pm CW) 4) 666 Park Avenue (Sundays 10pm ABC) 5) The Mindy Project (Tuesdays 9:30pm FOX) 6) Animal Practice (Wednesdays 8pm NBC) 7) Ben and Kate (Tuesdays 8:30pm FOX) 8) Guys and Kids (Wednesdays 8:30pm NBC)