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My Life As I See It

"The Office" made it's triumphant return last night. I was a little worried the show wouldn't/couldn't live up to the high expectations I had placed on it but as always the writers put out yet another classic episode. Here a a few of my favorite moments... Michael Scott: Ladies and gentlemen, I have some bad news. Meredith was hit by a car. It happened this morning in the parking lot. I took her to the hospital and the doctors tried to save her.. life.. they did the best that they could.... and she is going to be OK. Stanley: What is wrong with you? Why did you have to phrase it like that? Oscar: So she's really going to be fine? Michael Scott: Yes, she has a slight pelvical fracture, but people have survived far worse. Pam: Thank God you were there. Michael Scott: I know. Andy Bernard: Did you see who did it? Dwight Schrute: No need. We can just check the security tapes. Michael Scott: Kind of good news bad news there. I was able to be on the scene

My Xbox Live Conspiracy

I'm not someone who thinks the whole world is out to hold down Christians. Most of the time when I read about these Christian conspiracy theories I usually give it the ol' Beth eye roll and think those complaining have too much time on their hands and could probably find an anti-Christian slant in anything. But last night I did find something raised the proverbial eyebrow. When you have your "gamer tag" on Xbox Live it allows you to add a picture and motto. My motto had been the same for a while, "It's just a game Focker", so I decided to update it. After racking my brain for a few minutes I concluded that I should just add a shameless plug and make my motto "". I typed in the new motto and hit the finished button but I was surprised to see a new screen pop up that declared I had submitted an "unauthorized word" and I would have to change my motto. I figured Xbox wasn't allowing me to plug a web site so I took ou

My Old Lady

I went to the Wake / Nebraska football game last Saturday. I'll go on record as saying it was the hottest I have ever been at any sporting event. Which is ironic because the last Wake game I went to last season was the coldest I have ever been at any sporting event. And for the record I went to a Wake game vs Florida St. a few years back and it poured down rain the entire time, which made it the wettest I've ever been at a sporting event. Speaking of rain, there is this stuff currently falling from the sky that looks and feels a lot like rain. It's been so long since I've seen any I've forgotten what it looks like. This past Sunday a group from church went to a Shane & Shane / Bebo Norman / Monk & Neagle concert. I had never heard M&N so their stuff was all new to me. They were average at best. They're just your typical two guys on guitar making corny jokes and singing some church songs. Bebo on the other hand was very good. My favorite song by him,

My Gloves

This is a very cool video that appears to be done with just white gloves and black lights.

My Boys of Summer

I haven't done a movie review in a while so here are a few I've watched recently with a short one word thought: "Blood Diamond" - good "Wild Hogs" - average "Happy Feet" - terrible "Bridge to Terabithia" - terrible "Blades of Glory" - fantastic I'm putting in some quality time with my new 360. My favorite game is "Catan". One game I just can't get into is "Halo". I'm going to keep playing it until the new one come out and if I'm still not impressed then there will be no Halo 3 for me. The church transition is going well. I used the month of August to focus on getting the Refinery service put in place. So far that has gone very well. Two weeks ago we had not only our best Refinery service at Main St. but one of our best ever. With the exception of this past weekend (Labor day) the service has been growing each week (spiritual, excitement, physical). The cool thing is we're getting visitors

My Sister

My sister Amanda has recently started her own in-home side business. I thought I'd throw out a shameless plug for it in case anyone was interested. The name of her business is "Oh Sew Cute Designs". It's basically designer burp cloths for babies. I would have named it the old faithful "Spit Happens". You can check out her site at: