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My Fair Results

Shutout. 0-5 in pictures and 0-2 in collections. I was a bit disappointed none of our stuff placed but I can say for the most part, the entries that won deserved it. Jeremy, you would like to know that there was only 1 picture of a mountain reflecting in a lake in the top 5 landscapes. Oh well, there is always next year. I know I will be going back to my bread and butter, magnets, as I look to reclaim my 1st place ribbon. I also have a new idea for my baseball card collection that might bring home a ribbon there also. The day wasn't a total wash. Beth, the kids, and I had a blast seeing the exhibits, watching Jacob enjoy some rides (and Maria's first merry go round), and enjoying some good old fashion funnel cake. I'll be back up there 2 more times as I will be volunteering for WBFJ. On Tuesday I will be working there booth and on Wed. I will be working the Jars of Clay Concert. That night I'll be selling merchandise for the band so I hope that will get me a chance to m

My Office Alert

If you missed the season premiere of The Office last week, you missed what was probably one of the best shows they have ever done. The show was called "Gay Witch Hunt". Here are some terrific quotes from it... Michael: I call everyone faggy! Why would anyone find that offensive? Michael: I would have never called him that if I knew. You don't call retarded people "retards." It's bad taste. You call your friends retards when they're acting retarded. And I consider Oscar a friend. Jim: I can't say whether Dunder-Mifflin paper is less flammable, sir. But I can assure you that it is certainly not more flammable. Michael: Did you know that gay used to mean happy? When I was growing up it meant lame. And now it means a man who makes love to other men. Toby: Oscar’s really gay. Michael: Exactly. Toby: I mean for real. Michael: Ya, I know. Toby: No, he’s attracted to other men. Michael: Ok, little too far, crossed the line. Toby: Ok, I am telling

My Fair

Today I will be taking mine and Beth's entries up to the Dixie Classic Fair ( Last year was our first at submitting items to be judge. Beth entered 2 pictures, neither won, and I entered my "magnets from around the world" collection which took home 1st place in the magnet category. This year we are coming back with more entries in more categories. Beth will be submitting four pictures and I will be submitting one pic along with my baseball card collection and my "Ornaments from around the world" collection which I have displayed on a small Christmas tree. I'll find out Friday how we fared (no pun intended)

My Return

Wow! I didn't realize how long it had been since I blogged until I logged on and saw my last was on Sept. 11th, over two weeks ago. Part of being MIA was due to the fact I was on vacation for a week and had no cpu access, the other part was a combination of busyness and laziness. So here comes an extended edition of "Jesusgreek" complete with movie reviews, book reviews, vacation highlights, and a much needed rant. Enjoy. Book Review: "Left for Dead" by Beck Weathers Beck was one of the survivors from the '96 Everest tragedy. His story has been well chronicled as he was "left for dead" as the title suggest. He miraculously survived minus both his hands, toes, and nose, all lost to frost bite. The book itself did not live up to my expectations. The feelings of sorrow for Beck I had before reading the book quickly changed. He was not a very good guy. He was an alcoholic that ignored his family and it took almost dying to wake him up. Don't get me

My Obsessions

I have 2 obsessions right now: Wake Forest Football and Mt Everest. Wake has opened the season 2-0 for maybe the first time ever. I don't want to get ahead of myself but could this be a possible bowl year?? I know going to bowl isn't what it use to be since there are approximately 72 bowl games between Thanksgiving and New Years. But when you only go to one bowl game a decade, you take what you can get. It also helps that the "other" big four schools are a combined 1-5. I can say this with all seriousness... Wake IS the best college football team in the state of NC this year!! I've also decided to dedicate the colors of my blog to the black, gold, and white of WFU until football season is over. Go Deacs!! Since reading "Into Thin Air", I have been obsessed with Mt. Everest. Maybe I just never payed much attention to the tallest mountain in the world before, but that thing is fascinating. I've since picked up and watched the Imax Everest movie and th

My Sports Week: The Best Ever??

After hanging around 8th-10th place in fantasy baseball standings all year, I make an epic comeback to clinch the 6th and last spot in our playoffs (I had to take out Tyler to do it, but hey, it's every man for himself) Greece rolls over Team USA in the World basketball Championships... UNC gets beat by a weak Rutgers team (at home none the less)... Duke loses (shut out) to a Division 1-AA school... Team Greece (Aaron and myself) destroyed Team Gay (Kipp & Bobby) in two games of Rook... And last but not least, Wake rolls to an impressive opening season win! Yes, this was a great week in sports! On a side note, RIP Steve Irwin :(