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My Spring 2012 Mission Trip To Mexico City

As I have been trying to put into words my feelings regarding our most recent mission trip to Mexico City, my good friend Tim said everything I wanted to (except much better) The following is from Tim's blog: The Story God Is Writing About Mexico City This morning I walked into Starbucks to get caught up on emails and work that had piled up while I was gone. When the barista confirmed my order I replied with an enthusiastic, “Si”. I may have gotten home last night but the smells and sounds and memories linger with me. Which is why I want to get this blog out before my senses begin to fade. When I look back on our trip and everything that we accomplished, I have a strong sense of accomplishment. We loved on orphans, painted rooms for mentally handicapped and socially discarded women, fed homeless people, moved a visually intimidating mountain of rock, and showed women who thought that they were a disposable commodity that they

When to let a friend go

If you have ever struggled with hanging on to friendships too long like I have, then this blog written by Donald Miller is for you. I especially love his thoughts on friends that are victims. Do you filter your relationships? - by Donald Miller Growing up as a Christian I was taught I should forgive and accept everybody. I still believe that. But what forgiving and accepting has looked like over the years has changed. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received was given to me by my friend Ben. We were taking a break from a writing project, sitting out on my deck when I brought up some trouble I was having with a friend. I’d grown a little tired of this friend using me and I was losing trust. Ben said something I’d never forget, he said You know, Don, there are givers and takers in this life, I got rid of the takers years ago and I’ve had it for the better. I’d recommend you do the same. To be sure, this was reductionistic but Ben was making a general point. The point is th