My Spring 2012 Mission Trip To Mexico City

As I have been trying to put into words my feelings regarding our most recent mission trip to Mexico City, my good friend Tim said everything I wanted to (except much better)

The following is from Tim's blog:

The Story God Is Writing About Mexico City

This morning I walked into Starbucks to get caught up on emails and work that had piled up while I was gone. When the barista confirmed my order I replied with an enthusiastic, “Si”. I may have gotten home last night but the smells and sounds and memories linger with me. Which is why I want to get this blog out before my senses begin to fade. When I look back on our trip and everything that we accomplished, I have a strong sense of accomplishment. We loved on orphans, painted rooms for mentally handicapped and socially discarded women, fed homeless people, moved a visually intimidating mountain of rock, and showed women who thought that they were a disposable commodity that they are priceless and beautiful. But I don’t want to focus on that too much. Because those are simply sentences, or possibly sentence fragments of the story God is writing about Mexico City.

From the perspective that God has given me, and the areas that He’s invited us to join him in his work, Mexico City is under the severe tyranny of the spirit of rejection. Despite being the financial hub of North America, poverty and drugs cause many families to have to give up their children to orphanages and homes. So not only do orphanages care for true orphans but they also care for children who are orphaned due to either lack of ability or desire by their families. Similarly, in the Mexican culture women are disposable commodities. There are government run women’s shelters that exist so that discarded women can live out their lives. But these shelters are run by people who think as little of them as their families who left them in their care.

But God.

Has called people in the Salvation Army to start orphanages so these kids can have a home, family, and education.

But God.

Has brought women like Rosalie out of prison to call her to bring in discarded mentally handicapped women in Mexico City and adopt them herself. Currently she has about 50 women she adopted and given her name and loves and cares for them.

But God.

Has put it on the heart of certain anonymous people to reach out to the women in the sex trade of Mexico City and show them that their heart has no price tag.

But God.

Has brought two enforcers of the “law” out of corruption, into the light. And now they enforce LOVE in the darkest parts of Mexico City and are now looking to build onto their church so they can house the homeless and hungry in Tepito.

But God.

Is bringing increased public transportation, the Metrobus, to the impoverished and dark areas of Mexico City. To create more economic flow throughout the rest of the city.

But God.

Brought a small church in Kernersville North Carolina and wrecked our hearts for what HE’s doing in Mexico City. And now we will continue to focus on what HE’s doing, because it’s Easter. And this is the time we remember that Jesus has overcome the world. So now we are being a part of the story, of Jesus’ victory becoming manifest in Mexico City.


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