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The Struggle is Real...Why Hide It?

My friend Tami Rumfelt from  and WBFJ radio shared the following post to her Facebook page yesterday. I love when transparency, vulnerability, honesty, and real life are able to be shared on a public stage without fear of rejection or judgment. Wouldn't it be great if more Christian leaders in the public spotlight were as open as Tami?  “Yesterday, I was thinking about how difficult last year was for family. It was just one struggle after another, many of which were financial in nature. I became very discouraged and even depressed at times. But, now having a little distance from it all, I could see that we made it through. We never went hungry. BOTH mortgages were paid every month. We celebrated a beautiful and abundant Christmas with our three healthy children. By the grace of God, we made it. How much stress and worry was wasted on things that would eventually work themselves out? As I continued to think about this, I wondered what it would be l

2015 Ministry, Pastor, and Church Conferences

There are plenty of choices for church conferences in 2015. So whether you are looking for a youth conference, creative ministry conference, or just a general Christian conference, here are some events to consider. JANUARY 2015 Jan 2 :: Passion Conference #1 (Atlanta, GA) Speakers:  Francis Chan, Louie Giglio, Carl Lentz, John Piper, Ben Stuart Length : 3 days Jan 5 :: National Conference Youth Ministries (Dallas, TX) Speakers:  Rick Atchley, Eugene Cho, Dave Clayton, David Fraze, Megan Hutchinson, Mark Matlock, Jonathan McKee, Kara Powell, Chris Seidman Length:  4 days Cost:  $100-$375 Jan 13 :: Sentralized Conference (Chicago, IL) Speakers:  Brad Brisco, Dave Ferguson, Darryl Ford, Lance Ford, Michael Frost, Dori Gorman, Hugh Halter, Helen Lee, Eric Lerew, Scott Nelson, Sher Sheets, Tim Soerens Length:  2 days Cost:  $89 Jan 15 :: Passion Conference #2 (Atlanta, GA) Speakers:  Christine Caine, Louie Giglio, Lecrae, John Piper, Judah Smith Length : 3 days Cost:  $189 Jan

What Are the 3 Things You Want to Finish This Year? by Donald Miller

What Are the 3 Things You Want to Finish This Year? by  Donald Miller Today is the final day in my series “Start Life Over.” I hope you’ve loved it. Once again, if you want to download the entire series as a PDF and share it with friends, you can do so  here . Feel free to e-mail it to anybody you want. Send it to your entire office, your church, or even your pets. This last principle was the hardest for me to learn but perhaps the most powerful in helping me get things done. The fifth and final principle is this: I can only do three big things in a year. That’s it. Just three. Most people I know who aren’t having much of an impact in the world suffer from one of two problems. Either they don’t know what they want to do or they are trying to do too much. I’ve never really had trouble knowing what I’ve wanted to do, but I’ve had tons of trouble trying to do too much. And this is a problem. I used to think that’s just how life is. It gets busy. Responsibilities get

Why You Can’t Be Friends with That Guy by Donald Miller

Why You Can’t Be Friends with That Guy by  Donald Miller I’m continuing my series called  Start Life Over  today. The series is about the real way people change. People don’t change by believing in hokey formulas; they change because they experience and understand serious, foundational paradigm shifts. If you want to download the entire series in which I explain these shifts in a PDF, just click  here . Otherwise, we’ll continue with the fourth principle. The fourth principle is this: You will become like the people you hang out with. If you’ve ever attended Storyline Conference or if you’ve already purchased  Creating Your Life Plan , you know this is one of my core beliefs. And it’s not just a belief. It’s a fact. You are more than what you eat, how much you exercise, or how much sleep you get. You are a conglomerate of the people you hang out with. I have a friend who runs a small business and is just now experiencing a great deal of success. His team is great, b

Starting Life Over Means Learning When to Quit by Donald Miller

Starting Life Over Means Learning When to Quit by  Donald Miller I’m continuing my  Start Life Over  series today. The series is about the underpinning beliefs we all need to have to really change. If you want to download the entire series as a PDF, just click  here . Otherwise, here we go! The third principle of the series is this: Sometimes it’s okay to quit. If you don’t have today off, you’re likely bored at work. Certainly not all of you, but studies show more than 50% of Americans are not inspired by their jobs. This really stinks. All that college tuition, all those hours searching and hoping for a job that fulfills us have come to this. Boredom. I’ve been there. I used to work at a company where I’d take an extra lap around the parking lot even though there were plenty of empty spaces, just because I didn’t want to go inside. And once inside, I’d waste time. But the horrible part wasn’t the wasting time, it was the guilt I felt because I was wasting time. Pho