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My My Where Has The Time Gone?

I've been really lazy about blogging this month. I thought about telling everyone I had given up blogging for lent and that is why I've been so blog silent but then I'd be in trouble because I have blogged some during lent which would mean I didn't keep my lent commitment very well. So I did decided to come clean and say honestly I just haven't had a ton to say lately. Just a bunch of useless babble like this... I did buy a new car this week. I liked my Xterra a lot but not as much as I loved my Explorer. The combination of crappy gas mileage and smaller vehicle just got to be to much. I found an unbelievable deal on a 2002 Explorer and jumped on it. I'd post a pic but I just haven't had time to take one. I tried out a new bike trail the other day. It is 6.8 mile trail around part of Lake Brandt. It was an excellent trail that I can't wait to take Beth to. The trail is listed as a 1.5 on a 4.0 scale but it was plenty challenging for a newbie like me. I h

My Blank Page

It's been over a week now since I last blogged. You would think after all that time I would have some really profound statement, thought, idea, or story. The truth is I do. The truth also is I'm not in a position to share it yet. Maybe in a few more weeks. But for now all I can do is stare at my blank blog page and wish I could share what I've been going through. The tough decisions I've recently made, the doors that God has burst wide open, to the MAJOR changes that are right around the corner for me. I hope people understand what has to be done. But actually it really doesn't matter if they understand or not because I feel so strongly about the direction God is pushing me I know I'll have no regrets when it's all over. I did finish reading another great book yesterday. Matt recommended "Shadow Divers" to me a few weeks ago after he finished reading it. the book follows the true story of two U.S. divers who discover a German U-boat of the coast of

My McDrive-thru McMoment

The following is an actual account of a recent experience of mine at a McDonald's drive-thru: (Saturday morning, 9:00am) Me: (phone rings) Hello? Beth: Hey, can you go through a drive-thru and pick me up an egg biscuit on your way home. Me: Sure, anything for you my princess Beth: Thanks. (I pull up to a McDonald's drive-thru) Order Taker Person (OTP): Welcome to McDonald's may I take your order please? Me: Yeah, what kind of breakfast specials do you have right now? OTP: We have 2 bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits for $2.00? Me: Sounds great. Let me get that except on one hold the bacon and cheese. OTP: So you want one with bacon, egg and cheese and one with just egg? Me: That is correct. OTP: That will be $3.89 Me: I thought you said it was 2 for $2.00 OTP: Yes, if you get 2 bacon, egg, and cheese for $2.00. You ordered one bacon, egg, & cheese and one egg biscuit. Me: Can't you just take the bacon and cheese off one of the biscuits? I'm not asking

My Bracketology

It's that time of the year again when everyone and their mother fills out a NCAA basketball championship bracket. To help feed our addiction to this ever growing phenomenon, Yahoo Sports is letting you fill out 5 brackets under the same Yahoo ID. So since I have five brackets at my disposal, I've decided to conduct a very unscientific experiment. I am filling out all five brackets with totally different ground rules and see which way, if any, works the best. Or is this whole bracket business just chance and dumb luck. My experiment and projected winners are as follows: My Brain: I picked each game with logic and reason using my knowledge of college basketball. Winner: Florida My Heart: I picked each game based on my bias opinion of who I wanted to win. Winner: Louisville My Gut: I looked at each game and picked the winners based on my gut feeling, trying my best not to over think it or let my emotions decided. Winner: Florida My Top Seeds: I picked the higher seeded team t

My Book Reviews Galore

Last year I managed to read 23 books which probably matched the number of books I had read in my entire life up to that point. This year I'm not only trying to beat that total but also be more diversified in what I read. I'm keeping a running tally of the books I've read so far in '07 along with my ratings of 0-4 stars on the right side of this blog. Every couple of months I'll write a blog such as this with a brief review of each book I've read during that time period. Here is my first installment: "A Series of Unfortunate Events - The Bad Beginning" by Lemony Snicket - 2 Stars I had seen the movie so I knew what to expect which may have been a bad (no pun intended) thing. The book was not as entertaining as the film version and I felt like the author was trying to hard to tech the reader SAT words (complete with definitions). I may pick up one more book in this 13 part series and give it another try but only after I've run out of other things to

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week (and it's only Thursday)

Sunday After several weeks of solid Sunday services, the wheels were bound to come of at some point. It's not that our weekly gathering time for worship was to terrible, it was just..well..weird. There was this really funky mood from the minute I got to church to the second I left. A few other folks picked up on it too. By the time it was all over, I left with one of those, "Why did we even show up today" kind of feelings. Monday Beth came home early from work with a stomach bug. She went straight to bed and stayed there the rest of the night. We host a small group on Monday's so I knew I'd have a lot to take care of by myself to get things ready. When supper time came, Jacob told me his stomach hurt so I didn't push the issue. I got the Maria fed, The kids cleaned, and pajamas on before anyone arrived. As usual, the kids like to see everyone before they go to bed. As Jacob and Maria were saying their good nights, Kaylyn asked Jacob if he was alright. By the t