My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week (and it's only Thursday)

After several weeks of solid Sunday services, the wheels were bound to come of at some point. It's not that our weekly gathering time for worship was to terrible, it was just..well..weird. There was this really funky mood from the minute I got to church to the second I left. A few other folks picked up on it too. By the time it was all over, I left with one of those, "Why did we even show up today" kind of feelings.

Beth came home early from work with a stomach bug. She went straight to bed and stayed there the rest of the night. We host a small group on Monday's so I knew I'd have a lot to take care of by myself to get things ready. When supper time came, Jacob told me his stomach hurt so I didn't push the issue. I got the Maria fed, The kids cleaned, and pajamas on before anyone arrived. As usual, the kids like to see everyone before they go to bed. As Jacob and Maria were saying their good nights, Kaylyn asked Jacob if he was alright. By the time I turned to see what she was talking about, he was spewing chunks all over the couch. I rushed to make sure he was alright and got him and my couch clean enough for the small group to start. Did I mention we had a first time visitor too. I got the kids upstairs and they started the small group without me. Maria went to bed easily and so did Jacob after we washed him up and changed his pajamas. I made my way back down stairs long enough to sit down when I heard Jacob throwing up again. By the time I got back to his room, his bed, clothes, and wall was covered in puke. After cleaning him up one more time I sent him to my room to sleep with his mom. While small group continued, I was doing laundry. That night I slept in our recliner (the couch was still funky from the puke clean-up job)

Beth and Jacob were still sick. Beth stayed home from work. That coupled with me going with Bud to pick up the last remaining bit of sheet rock we needed to finish closing in my back porch meant my day was shot. I stayed at home to try to take care of the kids while Beth recovered. I slept on the couch.

Best day so far, until night came. Beth went back to work and so did I. I was able to get a lot accomplished and felt like the week may be salvageable. We decided to go to a new 'McCafe" ( a new style McDonald's that is part McDonald's and part panera bread) near our home for dinner. Everyone else had the same idea. The place was packed and it took 20 minutes to get all of our order. I got the family home and was ready to head to another one of our church small groups when Beth announced she wasn't feeling well. I got the kids ready for bed so all Beth had to do was read to them. I was about 10 minutes from the house when Beth called and told me both she and Jacob were sick again. I offered to come back but she told me she could handle it. As I hung up with her I looked up in just enough time to slam on brakes. A huge deer ran out in front of me and I clipped it's hind-end with my bumper. Great, I killed Bambi. On my way to small group I passed a great church sign (heavy sarcasm). It read, "Smile, God is in control". Classic. I made it to small group and back with out a hitch. I got home to find my wife and son in my bed. So I slept on the couch again.

Beth stayed home again today. Jacob seems better but who knows when he'll start puking or pooping again.

Weeks like this suck. But they are also a blessing. It makes you appreciate the weeks when all goes smooth and everyone is happy and healthy, At least I have a family to take care of. At least I have a church family that over looks puke filled small groups and less then stellar Sundays. At least Maria and I aren't sick...yet.


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