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My Sermon Notes: Modernism vs Post-moderism

Here are some in-depth notes from the message yesterday. I know it was way more information heavy then usual so I just wanted to clear up anything I might have made to confusing: Pre-modernism vs Modernism vs Postmodernism Pre-modernism - New Testament - 1500’s Modernism - 1500’s - 1980’s Post-modernism - 1980’s-now Modernism believed that all human evils would be solved through reason and technology. Modernism was book focused, and from that point on literacy rates began rising and the primary way to communicate was the written page. Postmodernism is no longer confident that reason and technology will solve all our problems, because technology has created as many problems as its solved. Postmodernism is suspicious that everyone has a hidden agenda, that there are no people who are entirely neutral. Characteristics of postmodernism are cultural pluralism, an emphasis on tolerance, a belief that there’s no such thing as absolute truth, and a focus on individual freedom and liberty. Mode


It's been over a year since I canceled my direct tv for the sake of paying more attention to my family and to cut off the trash that makes up most of cable television and to tell you the truth I haven't missed it. Sure there is the occasional sporting event I would like to watch that I can't but it's really not that big of a deal. What only having a few channels to watch has forced me to do is watch things I normally wouldn't have. For instance, Beth and I have been watching this great documentary on PBS this week about these two "Country Boys". They live in rural KY and some guy basically followed their lives for most of 3 years and made a film of it. I can't begin to describe the lives these 2 boys live. One had his dad shoot his step mom and kill her at a strip club where she was stipper then kill himself. He now lives with his grandmother and plays in a heavy metal Christian band. The other has an alcoholic father and a deadbeat mom who blames ever

My God in the good times and the bad

I woke up the other morning to read the headline on front page of our paper that declared "12 miners found alive!" I was stunned that 12 of the 13 guys made it out alive and I couldn't wait to read more of what happened. As I read the article I was very gald to see the relatives giving all praise to God for getting them through this horrible ordeal. I sat and thought (with no disrespect to anyone) how would these folks have reacted if the news was different. Would they still be holding onto their faith has strongly has they are now. Then it happened. The reports came in that the news media had been mistaken and 12 had died. What followed was anger, disgust, and fighting by the relatives of those lost. And to be honest I couldn't blame them. I could not imagine the roller coaster of emotions they felt then and still feel today. But my question still lingered in my soul, Is God still the same God to us in the good times and bad? Beth has been praying for a job for over