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My God Sighting

Every once in while God shows up in the most unexpected and unlikely situations. The following is an account of actual events that took place at our Wednesday night prayer service on 12/28/05: A couple of weeks ago (12/18/05) at our 9:00am service, I had just stood up to give the message. As I was beginning my opening thoughts when the door opened to the sanctuary and in walked a visitor who sat down on the end of an isle. He was an older man with his hair pulled back in a ponytail. His cloths were weathered and old and his face had the appearance of someone who hadn't shaved in a while. As I spoke I would make eye contact with him and he looked like he wanted to be any place but there. When the service was over I tried to greet him and tell him thanks for coming but he was out the door quicker then he came in. I stood at the door and watched as he walked down the sidewalk to only God knows where. Fast forward to last night. John and Melissa show up for the prayer service and as th

My week: A toy, some blood, and an exorcism

Tuesday: WBFJ emailed me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I could help pass out toys with them and the Salvation Army. It sounded cool so I said sure. Fast forward to Tuesday. I took my Explorer to a mechanic in K-ville to have some work done that I had been putting off. It was close enough to the church that I just walked back to the office. I had planned on driving the company car (aka the van) to the Salvation Army. As I get in the van to head over I turn the key and what do you know, a dead battery. I call John and he come and tries to jump it off. Still dead. So he takes me to get Melissa's car so I can make it to the toy shop. By the time I got to the Salvation Army I was 45 minutes late. Luckily they weren't to organized as to when folks were showing up so they never missed me. After some quick training I was off to help distrubute toys. I will try to give you a step by step of what I did along with a pretty funny situation. Step 1: get a grocery cart and a large trash

My Book Review: The Barbarian Way (part 2)

From the book "The Barabarians Way": "The civilized build shelters and invite God to stay with them; barbarians move with God wherever He chooses to go. The civilized Christan has a routine; the barbarian disciple has a mission. The civilized believer knows the letter of the law; the barbarian disciple lives the spirit of the law. The religiously civilized love tradition; the barbarian spirit loves challenges. The civilized are satisfied with ritual; barbarians live and thrive in the mystical. For the civilized disciple, religion provides stability and certainty; for the barbarian, a life in God is one of risk and mystery."

My Reviews: Fantastic Four, Penguins, & The Da Vinci Code

Three quick reviews so let's get to it: 1) Fantastic Four. I wasn't expecting much and that's what I got. The special effects were ok and the story was good but the acting and dialog was terrible. I kept waiting for the "wonk, wonk, woooonk" sound effect after all their corny jokes. The guy who played Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) was horrible and Jessica Alba wasn't much better. It was much better then the Hulk and just a touch better than Daredevil but no where near as good as X-Men, Spiderman, or the latest Batman. A big thumb down and 1 out of 4 stars. 2) March of the Penguins. MUST SEE!! This is by far the best nature documentary I've ever seen. And if you know me I'm not really into those type documentaries. It was really interesting and dare I say gripping from the very begining. It had everyhting; love, excitment, death, sorrow, feel good moments, and even some humor. Morgan Freeman narrates this film about the penguins in Anartica that march 7

My Presidental Visit

I arrive at Kerwin Baptist Church at 9:30am. That was the designated parking lot for all employees of Deer and volunteers. I had to board a shuttle bus to take me to the plant. I was on the bus with about 80 plant workers who all looked at me like “who is this guy”. I sat and didn’t say a word to anyone. As I usually do, I kept my ears open to the surrounding conversations. One guy was saying how he wasn’t going to come but since it was raining and he didn’t have anything else to do he thought he’d come down and see what was going on.” I wanted to turn around and yell, “It’s the PRESIDENT!!! How could you even think of not coming?” The bus eventually left and we got to the pant at 10:00am. I went right in and got my volunteer badge. It was a huge 3” by 5” badge that said, “The Visit Of The President To Kernersville, NC”. Not the way I would have worded it but oh well, at least I had one souvenir to take home. Once all the volunteers were in we had to go through the metal detectors. The

My Book Review: The Barbarian's Way

So I'm reading this new book by Erwin McManus titled "The Barbaian way". His main focus is on John and Baptist and Jesus' relationship and how John was a "barbarian" which is exactly what God asked him to be but as he (Erwin) looks around in "christian" circles today he sees very few barbarians and a lot of watered down soft believers. I was afraid this would be a typical "rah rah go save the world or die trying" type book with lots of brow beating about how we need to witness more and be more conservative but that's not the case. Like all his books it's a great read. Here is an exert from a part I read last night: "I was listening to an expert in church leadership speak at a conference I was attending. The leader instructed, "Don't be an innovator; be an early adopter". Hearing that created a crisis for me since I place an extremly high value on innovation. At Mosaic, the community where I serve as lead pastor