My week: A toy, some blood, and an exorcism

WBFJ emailed me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I could help pass out toys with them and the Salvation Army. It sounded cool so I said sure. Fast forward to Tuesday. I took my Explorer to a mechanic in K-ville to have some work done that I had been putting off. It was close enough to the church that I just walked back to the office. I had planned on driving the company car (aka the van) to the Salvation Army. As I get in the van to head over I turn the key and what do you know, a dead battery. I call John and he come and tries to jump it off. Still dead. So he takes me to get Melissa's car so I can make it to the toy shop. By the time I got to the Salvation Army I was 45 minutes late. Luckily they weren't to organized as to when folks were showing up so they never missed me. After some quick training I was off to help distrubute toys. I will try to give you a step by step of what I did along with a pretty funny situation.
Step 1: get a grocery cart and a large trash bag
Step 2: get a file on a person who has checked in and is waiting in the waiting room. This file told me how many kids they had and what I needed to collect for them.
Step 3: collect stocking filled with small toys for each kid
Step 4: collect a small doll / action figure for each kid
Step 5: collect a stuffed animal for each kid
Step 6: collect a coloring book or reading book along with a tooth brush for each kid
Step 7: collect a box of food, milk, chicken, coffee, and bread for the family
Step 8: Go and get the family in the waiting room.

** This is where it got a little awkward. I was supppose to walk into the room and call out the person's first name. No problem right? Well my first person was a hispanic lady and her first name was "Vigina". Uuuhhh Yeah.

Step 9: Take the lady to collect the large toy gifts. There was a huge part of this warehouse that had table after table of toys that had been donated. Stuff from bikes to skateboards to video games, to doll houses to whatever else you could imagine. It was like walking into Toys R Us. They got to select 2 toys for each child from the table of toys for their childs age group.
Step 10: Each family got one ball (football, soccerball, bastketball)
Step11: I had to keep track of how many batteries were needed for the toys and collect the batteries for them.
Step12: take then out to the care for the person and wish them a merry Christmas.

It was one of the best volunteer experiences I have ever had. I want to see about bringing our church to help next season.

I am schedule to give blood at the WS blood center at 9:30am. I arrive and the place is packed. I sign in and see there are a bunch of walk-ins in front of me. As I sat there for the next 45min waiting to be called back I kept wondering why I made an appointment since it was obvious they didn't stick to the appointment list. You see they could take the appointment just fine but they could hold the appointment. When I finally got back I had this bad feeling like the lady helping me wasn't going to be very good. And my fears came true when she stuck me with the needle she said "uh oh" and called someone else to come and help. The next lady asked if I felt ok and I said fine except for the sharp pain in my arm. She fixed whatever was messed up and the rest was fine. As I left they gave me a tee shirt and tried to give me some Wake basketball tickets. I said no thanks because they were for a women's game. They tried again to give them to me and even added another women's game to the package. They were practically begging me to take 8 tickets to see the wake forest women play. I still said no thanks and muttered something under my breathe about rather watch paint dry.

Wednesday Night:
Beth and I rented The Exorcism of Emily Rose. It's a pretty thought provoking flick. It's basically a true story about a girl named Emily Rose who became demon possessed and a Catholic priest that tries to help her. The movie by itself was ok. I will have to do some research to see how much of it was true before I can give a full movie grade. So for now I have to give it an incomplete.


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