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What makes a well-defined Leader?

Great insights from John Holm.... In my work as a professional coach, and with the help of others, I’ve learned what makes a successful leader. Many people feel that it has to do with technical and/or strategic skill sets or knowledge. Knowledge is important, but it’s not central. Others believe it is critical thinking skills. That too, is important, but it’s not what I’ve found to be at the core of a great leader. What is needed in every great leader is for the leader to be “well-defined.” I’ve rarely coached someone who decided that more knowledge or more skill would help them become a successful leader. Instead, what they needed to learn was more about themselves. A Well-Defined Leader is one who is internally aligned. What they say complements what they do. It looks like this: 1. Their thinking rules over their emotions. 2. They’re a non-anxious presence. 3. They have firm, appropriate boundaries. 4. They have clarity of self and their own goals. 5. They