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My Office Quotes: Night Out

I personally thought this past weeks episode of The Office was the best so far this season. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from "Night out": Pam Beesly: There is a master key and a spare key for the office. Dwight has them both. When I asked, "what if you die, Dwight? How will we get into the office?" He said, "if I'm dead, you guys have been dead for weeks." Michael Scott: [on the phone] I am. I am getting out there. Well, no, I've asked a lot of girls to dance, Mom, they're just- it's not- listen to me for a second. Yes I shaved the back of my neck. Oh my God, Mom I've gotta go one of my friends is getting beat up by some girls! Kelly: If I had created a website with this many problems I'd kill myself. Ryan: Do you have a question Kelly? Kelly: Yeah, I have a lot of questions but number one, how dare you. Michael Scott: I know that a lot of you are very angry at Ryan because he is the reason that we all have to come in

My New Favorite Sports Blooper: Red Sox Fan Drops the Ball

You've got to watch all this video...

My Atlanta Passion '08 Song List

I've had a few folks email me and ask about the song list from the Atlanta Passion'08 event. Here are the song list as best as I can remember them and after checking with a few more Passion bloggers: Friday Night - Bitter Sweet Symphony Tomlin - Let God arise - Mighty to save - Sing sing sing - Holy is the lord - Your grace is enough - Hosanna - How great is our God (break) Crowder - Here is our king - There is no one like You - Forever and ever - For the glory of it all - Everything glorious Saturday Morning Hall - Let my life shine - On Christ the solid rock I stand (hymn) - Salvation - The song of the redeemed - Chain breaker (new song) - We are yours (break) - Mystery (new song) - Chain Breaker (new song) - Marvelous light Saturday Afternoon Crowder - I saw the light - Never Ending (guitar hero controller) - Remedy - We win - Rescue is coming - Never let go - O Praise him Saturday Night Hall - Mystery (new song) - Marvelous light - Let my light shine - Chain Breaker (new so

Their Story: Story Behind "God of this City"

Chris Tomlin and his band were in Belfast for a concert event. It was early in the afternoon and Tomlin's guitarist was the only one not doing something. So he decided to go out and "support" the local bands there. While he was listening, the band started singing a song that gripped his heart. He ran to get Chris out of the dressing room to come hear this song. By the time Chris got to the stage, the song was over. So Chris and the rest of his band met with this local Belfast worship band afterwards. They gave him MP3s of all of their songs and he listened to that one special song. Tomlin said that he was so moved that he just had to ask them what inspired this song. Their band and a few other members of their church went on a mission trip to Pattaya, Thailand recently. In Pattaya, there are over 30,000 female prostitutes over the age of 18! (That is not counting the ones under 18, or even the male prostitutes there) While they were walking around the town, they walked

My Atlanta Passion '08 Review: Giglio, Chan, Hall, Tomlin, Crowder, and More

First the facts: - 12 people in a 15 passenger van driving 5 ½ hours to Atlanta, Ga - Group: Me, Heidi, Timmy, Daniel, Edward, Matt, Aaron, Sydney, Rosanna, Jessica, Katie, and Samantha. - 9,500 people at Passion ‘08 - Last stop on the US tour. Now for the highlights: Friday We make pretty good time, which is always a highlight for me since I have a George Costanza complex about making good time. We left the church parking lot at 10:45am and arrived at our hotel in Duluth at 4:15pm. When I originally planned this trip I was “hoping” to get 4 or 5 students to go. So when 12 signed up I was thrilled. The only problem was we were only able get 2 hotel rooms so that meant some tight quarters. Luckily our group was split perfectly 6 guys and 6 girls. After a quick check-in and clean up we headed over to the Gwinnett Arena to get in line. The service started at 7:30pm and doors were supposed to open at 6:30pm. We made our way through the crowd and up as close as we could to the doors. Luckil

My Charlie Hall / Francis Chan Video

My Passion'08 Atlanta review is coming soon. But for now check out this behind the scenes look at Charlie and Francis...

My Passion '08 Send-Off

In just over 2 hours I'll be taking 12 college students down to Atlanta, GA for Passion '08!! Full recap when I return. Here's a highlight package from a previous Passion Conference this year:

My Lost & Found Concert Announcement

After years of talking with the guys from "Lost & Found" ( ) about coming down to Kernersville for a concert, it's finally going to happen. "Lost & Found" will be performing at Main Street Baptist Church on Saturday, November 1st at 7:00pm!! They'll be at our church the night before they head up to Pittsburg to lead music at the 2008 Youth Specialties Convention. If you've never seen or heard of "Lost & Found" before then here's a little taste of what to expect.

My No. 250 or My Rant on Dick Vitale and Digger Phelps or My Rant on Christians

This is blog #250 so I thought I'd stir the pot a bit. Last night after watching one of the best NCAA championship games I've ever seen, I switched the channel over to see what the talking heads on ESPN had to say about it. What I was hoping for was some great praise for Kansas and the amazing game that had just unfolded but what I heard was something so disturbing it has stuck with me all day. In giving their "expert" analyse of the game, Dick Vitale and Digger Phlelps proceeded to relentlessly bash Coach Calapari and worse the players for Memphis. For what? Behaving badly? Poor sportsmanship? Conduct detrimental to the game of college basketball? No! For losing the game. For not calling a time out. For missing free throws. You would have thought hearing those knuckleheads rant about the game that Coach C took all his players out to mid court and shot them all execution style. Their anger, yes anger, went on for well over 15 min straight. It may have lasted longer bu

My Story Behind "My" Blogs

I've been asked on more then one occasion why I title my blogs "My" and why are some "His" or Her"? I start off my blog titles "My" for two reasons. One, it's a tribute to one of my favorite all-time TV shows, "Scrubs". Each "Scrubs" episode is titled "My _________" because the show is built around J.D.'s narrative and diary entries. Secondly the "My" title on my blogs is a bit of a slam at "Myspace". You see the secret about "Myspace" is that it's not really your space. It's theirs. They put up advertising all over your "Myspace" blog and site that you have no control over. So in the end it's not yours at all. In "Jesusgreek", it's 100% mine. Nothing gets on my site or in my blog that I don't allow. So this really is MY space. As far as the seemingly random "his" and hers", again an ode to "scrubs", but more importa

My 2008 MLB Predictions

American League Division Champions and Wild Card East: Yankees Central: Indians West: Angels WC: Tigers National League Division Champions and Wild Card: East: Braves Central: Brewers West: Dodgers WC: Cubs ALCS Indians v. Angels Winner: Indians NLCS Braves v. Cubs Winner: Cubs World Series Cubs v. Indians Winner: Cubs

My Thresholds of Dunlap Love

Whenever I have a friend that has a website or product I feel can make the world a better place, I try to pass it along. Today I have two friends with such websites. The first is Dunlap Love, a site run by Kaylyn Van Camp where you can purchase some of her homemade creations like dolls, jewelry, and hair bows/clips. Her site is: The second is a site run by Starr LaPradd called "Thresholds" and is a women's encouragement site that features daily devotions, bible studies, and blogs of encouragement. Her site can be found at:

My New Job Possibility

My friend Mike came across this actual job description / opening for an "ass. pastor": "seeking a man to come after graduation to take the position of ass. pastor. we can give the candidate a place to live and a modest sallary. person should expect to learn and grow in the local church as he works his way to some day the senior pastorate. the candidate will come and serve, learn the in\'s and outs of everday church life and be a servant. will be given duties and responsabilities and expected to have a mind to learn. will leave with a good reconmendation and maybe even an ordination, if so desired. a fellow with a piano playing wife will be most coveted. pray with us will you . the young man/ or couple could even start now and work into the position after grad." I guessing learning how to use spell check isn't a qualification to be an ass. pastor. If only Beth could play the piano I would apply for it. Actually, the more I think about it, I would like to appl