My Story Behind "My" Blogs

I've been asked on more then one occasion why I title my blogs "My" and why are some "His" or Her"?

I start off my blog titles "My" for two reasons. One, it's a tribute to one of my favorite all-time TV shows, "Scrubs". Each "Scrubs" episode is titled "My _________" because the show is built around J.D.'s narrative and diary entries.

Secondly the "My" title on my blogs is a bit of a slam at "Myspace". You see the secret about "Myspace" is that it's not really your space. It's theirs. They put up advertising all over your "Myspace" blog and site that you have no control over. So in the end it's not yours at all. In "Jesusgreek", it's 100% mine. Nothing gets on my site or in my blog that I don't allow. So this really is MY space.

As far as the seemingly random "his" and hers", again an ode to "scrubs", but more importantly I occasionally run across little nuggets that aren't Jesusgreek originals but I want to pass them along. So the "His Story" and "Her story" is just my way of giving credit where credit is due.


So I googled "wiffle ball in nc" and your blog popped up. And to my surprise, a Christian wiffle baller. Praise God for His sovereign grace and for the combination of two remnants: Christians and wifflers. I live in Wake Forest where there is little wiffle action. My email is Do you know of any tournaments coming up?

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