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David Crowder, How He Loves, and Sloppy Wet Kisses

If your like me you have probably noticed the David Crowder version of "How He Loves" is slightly different then the John Mark Mcmillan original. The biggest difference being "Heaven meets Earth like a sloppy wet kiss" being changed to "Heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss". I've been wondering why the change. So I went to the source and found this on John Mark's blog: I honestly kind of hate that I even have to write this blog. I have realized that the song “How He Loves” has become very personal to many people, and it honestly doesn’t really belong to me, or Kim Walker, or David Crowder. It belongs to them. I would like to say I’m sorry if I let you down by allowing the words to be changed in David’s version. My version and Kim’s will always be the same. David contacted me and very sincerely asked if it would be cool to change a couple words in his version, because he knew that there are literally thousa

Monday Morning Sports Rant

The Panthers still stink. Sure Jake played better but he still threw a goal line interception that could have tied the game late. And where is the defense? They gave up 28 points and it could have been worse had the Falcons not fumbled in the red zone. By the way, Peppers has 1 sack and 7 tackles in his first 2 games. His paycheck for the first two games: $2,000,000.00. Shut up Elon and go back to playing high school teams. All last week Elon fans ran their mouths about how would come into Winston and blow Wake Forest out. Well it didn't quite turn out that way did it. After the 35-7 thumping the Fighting Christians errr Phoenix took they better turn down any ACC offer to play. Unless it's UVA or Maryland. Can Florida really feel good about their win over Tennessee this week? Lane talked the talked then a much less talented UT team rolled into the swamp and just about upset the the Gators. I know there is no such thing as a good loss but the Vols have to feel really good about

Decisions Decisions

I just picked up the new Francis Chan book and the new Donald Miller book Which one should I read first?????

Let the Panther Bashing Continue

After Marty Hurney's canned reponses to all of Packer's questions on Primetime with the Packman yesterday, I'd thought is was justified to pass along this little nugget I saw posted on a Carolina Panthers fan (I use that term loosely) board today... Top 12 Reasons Why the Panthers Should Clean House 12. Your 7th round CB is better than your 2nd rounder 11. Your best FA acquisition in the off-season was a long snapper 10. Your customers can text security when someone stands up and cheers. 9. Your seats are empty after half time. 8. You can't find a kicker for both field goals and kickoffs. 7. Your team has not made a halftime adjustment since 2004. 6. Your QB's uniform is filthy after 1 series. 5. A draw play on 3rd and 15 is actually your best option. 4. You just franchised a guy that publicly said he wants out of there. 3. You have 2 of the best offensive weapons in the NFL, but can't move the football. 2. You just threw big money at a QB with 10 turnovers in h

What Child Is This (& other stuff)

From kindergarten through my senior year I completed a homework assignment probably less then a dozen times. If I didn't get my work done at school then it just didn't get done. Hence my stellar 2.3 GPA when I graduated. Now we fast forward to my child prodigy son who after 3 weeks of kindergarten has already been moved up to 1st grade level work. He came home with his first "homework" assignment on Monday (he has all week to complete it) and proceeded to finish it all in one sitting and then BEGGED for more. I had to force him to go get ready for bed. When he woke up the next morning he ate, dressed, and brushed very surprisingly quickly. Then after announcing he was ready for school asked if he could do MORE homework until we left. He is without a doubt his mothers child. The Office season six kicks off tonight. As does the up and coming Parks and Rec. Now if 30 Rock would just start up my then Thursday nights would be complete. TUF 10 started last night with one of

Monday Morning Sports Rant

**I'm starting a new feature here on Jesusgreek. It's my Monday Morning Sports Rant. KSA I decided to play another season in the Kernersville Soccer Association adult league. This time we play all our games on Sunday nights. This season they divided the teams up not by age but by rec & competitive. So we felt pretty good going into our first game last night in the rec league thinking that the teams we'd be playing against would be on par with us. WRONG. We got destroyed 12-3. The "rec" team we played was better then any team we played during the summer. They were young, fast, and very good at soccer. To which brings me to my rant: If you know your have a team that good, why sand bag and play lesser teams just to win? Is your ego that large and your esteem that low that you refuse to play teams with equal talent. You'd rather sacrifice competitiveness for crushing a weaker opponent? College Football I got to see our 2009 Demon Deacons in person on Saturday

Making up for lost time (Reviews, Rants, Ramblings, and More)

After a month of silence the Jesusgreek speaks.... Book Reviews "Outliers" by Malcom Gladwell (5 Stars) When I told my friend Joel that Malcom Gladwell would be speaking at the Catalyst conference I was going to next month, he insisted I read his newest book, "Outliers". Very simply, "Outliers" poses the question: why do some people succeed, living remarkably productive and impactful lives, while so many more never reach their potential? Challenging our cherished belief of the "self-made man," he makes the democratic assertion that superstars don't arise out of nowhere, propelled by genius and talent: "they are invariably the beneficiaries of hidden advantages and extraordinary opportunities and cultural legacies that allow them to learn and work hard and make sense of the world in ways others cannot." Examining the lives of outliers from Mozart to Bill Gates, he builds a convincing case for how successful people rise on a tide of a