What Child Is This (& other stuff)

From kindergarten through my senior year I completed a homework assignment probably less then a dozen times. If I didn't get my work done at school then it just didn't get done. Hence my stellar 2.3 GPA when I graduated. Now we fast forward to my child prodigy son who after 3 weeks of kindergarten has already been moved up to 1st grade level work. He came home with his first "homework" assignment on Monday (he has all week to complete it) and proceeded to finish it all in one sitting and then BEGGED for more. I had to force him to go get ready for bed. When he woke up the next morning he ate, dressed, and brushed very surprisingly quickly. Then after announcing he was ready for school asked if he could do MORE homework until we left. He is without a doubt his mothers child.

The Office season six kicks off tonight. As does the up and coming Parks and Rec. Now if 30 Rock would just start up my then Thursday nights would be complete.

TUF 10 started last night with one of the biggest trash-talking shows and bloodiest bouts ever in the now 10 seasons of TUF. I love Rampage Jackson and Kimbo Slice so it was perfect that Rampage choose Kimbo with his first pick. I have a feeling the powers that be will keep Kimbo on the show as long as possible to keep ratings up.

I usually hate British comedy. Ok I always hate British comedy. I would go as far as saying all British comedy sucks, including Monty Python. The jokes are bland and the shows all seem poorly produced. But....my buddy John recommended a show that is now on nextflix watch instantly called "The IT Crowd" and now I have to eat my words. It is one of the funniest shows I've seen anywhere. I would even go as far as saying it's just a shade under my top-tier shows such as Seinfeld, 30 Rock, The Office, Scrubs, Arrested Development and Curd Your Enthusiasm. Beth was even laughing out loud at and episode we watched last night.

As far as new shows go, I watched the first episode of much hyped "Glee". It was quirky and had it's moments but nothing to make me want to watch it again. I'm looking forward to "Community", "Modern Family", "Flash Forward" and "V".

As of yesterday there's a new edition to the family. My sister gave birth to her 3rd son, a very healthy Mack Samual Warnke.


Kaylyn said…
Yay!! Office Tonight!!! And Community! We also can't wait for Flash Forward and Modern Family! I love the fall...

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