Monday Morning Sports Rant

**I'm starting a new feature here on Jesusgreek. It's my Monday Morning Sports Rant.

I decided to play another season in the Kernersville Soccer Association adult league. This time we play all our games on Sunday nights. This season they divided the teams up not by age but by rec & competitive. So we felt pretty good going into our first game last night in the rec league thinking that the teams we'd be playing against would be on par with us. WRONG. We got destroyed 12-3. The "rec" team we played was better then any team we played during the summer. They were young, fast, and very good at soccer. To which brings me to my rant: If you know your have a team that good, why sand bag and play lesser teams just to win? Is your ego that large and your esteem that low that you refuse to play teams with equal talent. You'd rather sacrifice competitiveness for crushing a weaker opponent?

College Football
I got to see our 2009 Demon Deacons in person on Saturday and they weren't any better live then on TV. They stink. The defense can't tackle to save their lives. If Stanford had stayed aggressive (it was 17-3 at the half) they would have killed us. But instead they went soft, Wake made enough plays, and the better team lost. Wake's score with 2 seconds left to win was the only thing that saved this bad weekend of college football. Sure there were some amazing games (USC/OSU, Tenn/UCLA, ND/Mich) but in every case but the Wake game, the team I was rooting for lost. OSU out played USC for 59 minutes. But that's why you play 60. ND had Mich. beat until Charlie Weiss decided to throw the ball with 2 minutes left instead of running out the clock. And in Tennessee, a team I use to hate, the more talented team won. Don't worry coach Kiffin, your time will come. I love that guy and in turn he has made me want to see Tennessee succeed. Win UT wins, that means more Lane Kiffin. And that's not so bad.

The Panthers suck. You could just see it in the way they walked through the preseason. John Fox has lost the ear of his team. His "it is what it is" arrogant demeanor is a tired old act that needs to move on. Marty Hurney is the worst GM in the NFL. How you sign Jake Delhome to a new contract in the off season after the worst game of his career with $20 million of it guaranteed then pay Peppers $17 million for one season when he will just walk after this year? Those two poor financial decisions will set this franchise back 5 years. I predicted a 6-10 season and I'm starting to think that was way to generous.

Who cares? This has been the most uneventful baseball season in recent memory. Maybe I'm just tired of the HGH cloud over all the games top stars or maybe it's the fact the Braves once again faded down the stretch but if season ended to day and the powers that be just drew a name out of a hat to declare this years World Series champ it wouldn't bother me in the least.

So God told Allen Iverson to go to Memphis? Did God also tell him to get that neck tattoo? And what was the deal with "His Airness" speech at the HOF induction ceremony? Greatest basketball player ever? Probably. Biggest jerk in NBA history? He's probably that too.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Tiger Woods is better at golf then any other athlete has ever been at his/her sport.

U.S Open
Who cares? This years tournament will be remembered more for Serina Williams showing the world what a spoiled thug she is then for great tennis. Tennis, like soccer and boxing, will never be relevant in the U.S. again.

Fantasy Sports
I use to rule fantasy sports. If I didn't finish first or second every year, no matter the sport, then it was a bad year. But I've been in this funk for the past year or so where I can't do anything right in the fantasy sports universe. The Mike G. kiss-of-death use to only pop up when big games where on the line, now it's poisoned every team and player I pull for.
MLB Fantasy
1 team out of three left in the playoffs
NFL Fantasy
1-3 After week one
College Pick-em
60% after two weeks
Survival NFL
Still Alive after week one
NFL Pick'em
Ranked 9 out of 50 after week one


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