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A Preacher's Voice: Overworked & Overlooked

The following is a great reminder about a subject that's never really touched on. It's written by Hershael York and you can check him out at his blog: Good musicians care a lot about their instruments. Neophyte students in middle school orchestras may not think much about the tone, craftsmanship or resonance of their equipment, but virtuoso performers do. The most magnificent refrain cannot be all that its composer intended when played on an inferior or out-of-tune instrument. Preaching is not so different. A listless, monotonous voice can suck the life out of the most profound biblical truths. Astonishingly, few preachers give any consideration to their most important and necessary instrument. They invest in computers, acquire books and employ many other tools for study and preparation, but ignore or neglect the voice, the one tool required for the delivery of every sermon. Contemporary professors and authors contribute to this voca

It's Time To Move On

With Mike W's recent retirement announcement there has been a lot of discussion and speculation as to what this all means for me at Main Street Baptist. Since last September when Mike W. first told me of his possible plans to retire this year, I have been in much prayer and counsel as to what I needed to do. God has shown Beth and I that now is the right time for a new adventure outside of MSBC. I announced two weeks ago that I have decided to resign. My last Sunday will be Sept. 29th.   I am a much healthier and stronger man, pastor, husband, and father then I was six years ago when I first came to MSBC. Through MSBC, God has shaped me into the person I am today and for that I will be forever grateful for my time here. I can never express how much each one of you mean to me and my family.   If anyone missed the announcement, I went into great detail during my 9:00am message as to what led me to my decision and what's next for the Gianopulos' family