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Mexico City 2013 Day One

Well we have safely arrived in MXC and after packing a van, surviving an earthquake, and a night of sleeping on pool floats on the floor, we are getting ready for church and a full day of ministry. Our trip from NC to MXC was pretty uneventful. Once here we were greeted by Angie, Pepe, their 5 month old son JP, and MSBC's old dodge van we donated last summer! After packing the back two seats with luggage, that only left 8 seats for 17 adult and 1 baby. Long, painful story short, we ALL crammed in the van and headed to our residence for the next two nights, Capital City Baptist Church. The church is very nice and is in a good part of the city. Once we unpacked a few of us headed to the Mexican version of Walmart to buy sandwich supplies for Sunday. So after a long day of travel we were up at 11pm making 200 sandwiches that will be given out at a "Kid's Outreach Event" Sunday afternoon in Tepito. It was around midnight (1am NC time) when we finally got