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My Tribute

Skip Prosser (1950-2007)

My Sense of Urgency

I ran across the following article and wanted to pass it on.... As most of us are aware, there is an undercurrent of anti-Christian hostility at work in our political system and this requires us as Christians to be more vigilant than ever before.This is why this article is so critical for each of us. I'm tempted to ask everyone one of you to read what I write here and to forward this to EVERYONE IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK right away. (Especially if you "really" love Jesus). Because, what I'm about to tell you is SO ALARMING it could seriously threaten Church in America forever. There is new legislation in motion, at the earliest possible stage, which I need to let everyone know about now before it gets out of our control. First, many of you are already aware that there are forces out there that threaten to take away the non-profit status of Christian Churches in America whenever messages of a political nature are delivered from the pulpit. As desperate as this is, there is

My Blue Movie

The following comes from 13 JUN 07: Steve Taylor and Ben Pearson have been in Portland for the past week and we’ve pretty much completed the screenplay for Blue Like Jazz the movie. We’ve been working on the script for about a year, either with me flying to Nashville for a week at a time to sit around a table and hash out the story, or with Steve and Ben coming to Portland to stay at my house. When studios became more excited about the screenplay, we felt the need to wrap it up, and in the last few days we’ve pretty much done so. And I dont know if I’ve had more fun, or been more challenged, with any other writing project. I’m excited to see how the guys end up shooting the story. To say we’ve given the book a Hollywood treatment is an understatement. The book itself would be, of course, difficult to turn into a movie, and so we took creative liberties. But in my opinion, the movie will be infinitely better than the book. Essentially we’ve taken the maj

Their Story

As I've been listening nonstop to my new "Lost and Found" box set I rediscovered a song I heard them play in concert several years ago. The song is titled "Used to be" and for a "christian" band it's very edgy if not controversial. What I love about it is the issues it brings up are often the social happenings of this world most churches and Christians turn a blind eye to. It's as if these problems aren't real and if they are then it's not our duty as followers of Jesus to bring about change. "Used to be" Lost and Found Superman was killed in Dallas There's no love left in the palace Someone took the Beatles's lead guitar Have another Chevis Regal Your twelve years old and sex is legal Your parents don't know where or who you are Used to be the hero of the ball game Took the time to shake the loser's hand Used to be that failure only meant you didn't try In a world where people gave a damn Great big wars in

My Independence

Over the years my taste in films has changed drastically. Where once I was all about the big summer blockbuster, now I'm much more content sitting down and trying to find a diamond in the rough in various independent / non-mainstream movies. Some of these films made it to the big screen and may have even stared big name celebrities but because they were not the "normal" Hollywood movie and/or didn't come from a big production company they were overlooked. Here's a list of my top 12 independent / non-mainstream movies: (in no particular order) Waiting for Guffman Garden State Waking Ned Devine Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Everything is Illuminated On a clear day In America Life is beautiful Memento El Mariachi Adaptation Punch Drunk Love

My Unicorn

Whoever created this is a freak and a genius. Enjoy!

My Merge

Hello Everybody! I want to begin by thanking all of you who have taken time over the past four years (has it really been that long already?) to lift up The Refinery and myself in your prayers. Your phone calls, emails, and occasional drop by's have been a source of strength for not only my self but also our entire Refinery family. As The Refinery enters our fourth season as a worshiping body, we find ourselves at the greatest time of transition since our birth way back in 2003. I will tell you what we are doing then I’ll fill you in on the who, why’s, how’s, what, and when. We (The Refinery) will soon be merging with another local church here in Kernersville to form a new church body. Who The church we’ll be merging with is Main St. Baptist. Main St. is an established church that was founded in 1951. The church has been growing during a season of revitalization over the past 10 years under the leadership of Pastor Mike Willard When I first came to Kernersville four years ago, Mike

My Hiatus

Where did the last month go? It was like June never existed. As I look back I'll try to remind myself of some of the highlights... I went with a group of 9 people from my church to Bay St. Louis, MS for eight days to help with a Katrina Recovery camp. if you check out Beth's blog to the right (Confessions of a PW) then you can see some great pics and read all about it. Maria turned 2. Every parents says that kids grow up to fast but you never can fully appreciate that statement until you see it unfolding before your very eyes. One of my all time favorite wrestlers went nuts and killed his family. My heart breaks for Chris Benoit's wife and kid but the thing that makes me the most mad is all these wrestling guys trying to make excuses for him. The WWE sunk to a new low when they featured a 3 hour tribute to him on RAW. The guy's a murderer and a thief. Because of drugs, stress, or whatever he choose to steal the lives of 2 innocent people because he couldn't cope wit