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Jacob Meets David Crowder

The story: In Mexico City, Beth & I worked backstage security at the Passion event. We took a picture that Jacob had drawn of David Crowder in hopes that we could give it to David. We gave it to David, took his picture holding the picture, and later the band put the picture that Jacob drew on their flickr site. At the concert in Greensboro last night, Beth wrote a note to David telling him we were there and where we were seated. She told him that Jacob was there and would love to meet him. Beth asked 2 people to give him the note. While we were waiting for the concert to start, David Crowder's tour manager came to get us and said that David wanted to see us. We went back stage and got this picture. David said he was happy to meet the artist. It was awesome!

The Evangelism Of Penn & Teller

You can have your in-your-face, door-to-door, street corner, angry preacher guy evangelism all day long. For me, this is my kind of evangelism. This amazing video speaks volumes as to the impact of sharing Christ with a kind, caring, compassionate, and loving heart. A heart that breaks when it sees anyone not in communion with the Father. That's the way I see Jesus acting in the scriptures and that's the example I want to follow.

A Look At Ash Wednesday And Lent

Lent is forty days long because forty days is a traditional number of discipline, devotion, and preparation in the Bible. Moses stayed on the Mountain of God forty days (Exodus 24:18 and 34:28), the spies were in the land of Canna for forty days (Numbers 13:25), Elijah traveled forty days before he reached the cave where he had his vision (1 Kings 19:8), Nineveh was given forty days to repent (Jonah 3:4), and most importantly, prior to undertaking his ministry, Jesus spent forty days in wilderness praying and fasting (Matthew 4:2). Since Lent is a period of prayer and fasting, it is fitting for Christians to imitate their Lord with a forty day period. Christ used a forty day period of prayer and fasting to prepare for his ministry which culminated in his death and resurrection. Ash Wednesday is the official start of the Season of Lent. A season for penance, reflection and fasting in order to prepare ourselves for Christ's Resurrection and for our Redemption. Ashes are a symbol of p

A Look Back At Keith Green

I've always been a Keith Green fan so last week I finally picked up his biography "No Compromise" written by his wife. It's a must read for any Christian. It's convicting, encouraging, and challenging. If you've never heard Keith's music, imagine Boston meets Journey meets Chicago with a holy twist. His ministry was only 6 years long ('76-'82) before his death at the age of 28 in a plane crash but he packed more into those few short years then most Christians do in a lifetime of 100 years.

Church Membership

This past Sunday we had several people join our church. A lot of people don't see the big deal in "joining" a church They ask, "Why is it important to become a "member" of a Church?" My friend Neil emailed me a great answer to that question. 1. A Biblical Reason: Christ is committed to the church. "...Christ loved the church and he gave His life for it." (Eph 5:25) Notice how the importance of the church is emphasized in these verses: Ephesians 2:19-22, Ephesians 3:6 , Romans 12:4-13 , Colossians 3:12-17 2. A Cultural Reason: It is a testimony to our society. We live in an age where very few want to be committed to anything...a job...a marriage...our country. This attitude has even produced a generation of "church shoppers and hoppers". Membership swims against the current of America's "consumer religion". It is an unselfish decision. Commitment always builds character. It sends a strong message to our society. 3. A Pr

Family Force 5 Greensboro Winter Jam

The guy taking this video did an outstanding job. He has almost the entire FF5 and Toby Mac concert on his Youtube page.

Emmitt Smith: Wordsmith

Emmitt Smith may be one of the greatest running backs to ever play in the NFL and after being let go yesterday from ESPN, he will also be remembered as one of the greatest "wordsmiths" ever too. Here's what I mean...

Winter Jam 2009 Observations and Thoughts

First some quick observations from the 2009 Winter Jam stop in Greensboro, NC - By volunteering with WBFJ, God spared me from having to witness "Pure NRG" again. - Taking people's money at the door can be dangerous. I'm glad that security lady was at my side to protect me. - Thank God for caution tape. - Thank God for caution tape part 2: front row seats are awesome!! - I need to get Paige on "So you think you can dance". - When will New Song change their name to Old Song? - Having never heard or seen "Family Force Five" I was very impressed, even if I didn't understand a word the guy said. - Brandon Heath was OK, but was he two Grammy nominations good? - Toby Mac may be one of the best "performers" in the Christian music industry. - We need more aggressive church van drivers in the world. And now for my final thoughts (AKA Mike's annual Winter Jam Rant) I've made it no secret over the past few years that I have come to loath

My Myers Briggs Personality Test

This past week some friends and I were discussing the famous Myers Briggs personality test. Since it had been about 13 years since I took my last one, I went online and took it again. The "official" Myers Briggs test is about $30 but you can find lots of free ones like I did that run on the same test formula. Here are my results: I am an ISTJ. I – Introversion preferred to Extraversion S – Sensing preferred to iNtuition T – Thinking preferred to Feeling J – Judgment preferred to Perception You can take your own test here: ISTJ Description: Myers-Briggs description According to Myers-Briggs, ISTJs thrive on organization. They keep their lives and environments well-regulated. They bring painstaking attention to detail in their work and will not rest until satisfied with a job well done. ISTJs are faithful, logical, organized, sensible, and earnest traditionalists. They earn success by thoroughness and dependability. Shutting out

The Zoo Effect

My pastor sent me the following article this week. We both thought it really hit home. Maybe you will too. The Zoo Effect by Larry Doyle Last summer, my wife and I, along with one of our sons, his wife, and our three grandchildren, took the Amtrak to Washington, D.C. Among the sights we enjoyed that week, was the National Zoo. As we walked around that amazing place, taking in the strange sights, sounds, and sometimes smells, we were impressed with the incredible variety of the different animal species. Each one was unique, and everything about them, down to the shape of their bodies, was designed for a purpose - a purpose usually connected to their survival in the wild. Leave it to me to think of something really weird. I was struck with the fact that in spite of their differences, all of the animals in the zoo had one thing in common - something they share with each other regardless of their species or origin. They were not designed to live in a zoo. The environment in the zoo is not

What if the "Losties" had Facebook?

Season 1 Oceanic 815 is experiencing problems. Jack Shephard needs to remember to go looking for that tennis shoe after he checks out that noise coming from the beach. The pilot joined the group "Whispers." Shannon Rutherford wishes she'd paid better attention in French class. John Locke thinks, by and large, things are looking up. Sayid Jarrah believes long walks along the beach are overrated. Hugo Reyes added the "Census" application. Charlie Pace regrets adding "Ethan Rom" as a friend. 27 people have added "Daddy Issues" as an Interest. Boone Carlyle is really having bad luck with airplanes lately. Kate Austen, Jack Shephard, Hugo Reyes, John Locke, and Leslie Arzt are attending "Party at the Black Rock." Danielle Rousseau could have sworn she heard the Hostiles correctly. Michael Dawson is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!!!!! Season 2 Walt Lloyd is all wet. John Locke became a fan of "Pushing the Button." Michael Dawson, James Ford,

Basil's Trattoria Special

Each week Rock 92 offers $50 gift certificates for local restaurants for only $25. This week it's Basil's Trattoria, the new Italian restaurant in K-ville next to East Coast Wings. The place is amazing and by far the best place in Kernersville to eat. Here is the link if you want to take advantage of this deal. DBC: Dining Deals - Basil's Trattoria

"I guess it's just more room to pray"

Having a worship service in our church fellowship hall has it's advantages. For someone like me who likes to keep mixing things up by moving around the chairs each week it can be fun. At other times it can be a bit of a pain having to set up and tear down week-in and week-out. This past week I set up in a hurry at the end of a 3rd-5th grade lock-in I attended and was not in much of a mood to be very creative. So I set them up in a traditional 2 sides, 8 rows, 8 chairs in each row, style. On Sunday morning I was at the front of our stage when I commented to two of our band members that I had accidentally set the chairs up to far from the stage and there was a huge gap where normally it's a much shorter space. I jokingly made the comment, "Well I guess it's just more space for people to come pray." You see although our church is filled with some very spiritual people who are amazing prayer warriors, having mobs of folks around the alter isn't really a common sit

Conclave, Buffett, Workouts, And More From The Life Of JG

Conclave '09 Friday and Saturday at Conclave were more of the same: Great main sessions and bad breakout groups. Out of the 5 breakout groups I went to only two were the least bit helpful. The other three were pretty much a waste of time. On Saturday Ergun Caner from Liberty University spoke and blew me away. The guy was amazing and gave possibly the best message I have ever heard directed at ministry leaders. Overall it was a solid conference. Not great but not too bad either. Jimmy Buffett In the past year I have been able to mark off two rock icons from my concert bucket list when I finally saw Tom petty and then the Eagles in concert. In April I'll be able to check off one more when Jimmy Buffett makes his way to Raleigh. Working Out I've started to really get serious about working out. I've never been much of a gym rat. I just never saw the thrill in lifting weights. So two weeks ago I decided to try a different approach: Fitness classes. I woke up early one Satur