Jacob Meets David Crowder

The story: In Mexico City, Beth & I worked backstage security at the Passion event. We took a picture that Jacob had drawn of David Crowder in hopes that we could give it to David. We gave it to David, took his picture holding the picture, and later the band put the picture that Jacob drew on their flickr site. At the concert in Greensboro last night, Beth wrote a note to David telling him we were there and where we were seated. She told him that Jacob was there and would love to meet him. Beth asked 2 people to give him the note. While we were waiting for the concert to start, David Crowder's tour manager came to get us and said that David wanted to see us. We went back stage and got this picture. David said he was happy to meet the artist. It was awesome!


Ben said…
That's really cool. It's nice to know that David Crowder is a regular dude. I suspected as much... ;-)

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