Let the Panther Bashing Continue

After Marty Hurney's canned reponses to all of Packer's questions on Primetime with the Packman yesterday, I'd thought is was justified to pass along this little nugget I saw posted on a Carolina Panthers fan (I use that term loosely) board today...

Top 12 Reasons Why the Panthers Should Clean House

12. Your 7th round CB is better than your 2nd rounder
11. Your best FA acquisition in the off-season was a long snapper
10. Your customers can text security when someone stands up and cheers.
9. Your seats are empty after half time.
8. You can't find a kicker for both field goals and kickoffs.
7. Your team has not made a halftime adjustment since 2004.
6. Your QB's uniform is filthy after 1 series.
5. A draw play on 3rd and 15 is actually your best option.
4. You just franchised a guy that publicly said he wants out of there.
3. You have 2 of the best offensive weapons in the NFL, but can't move the football.
2. You just threw big money at a QB with 10 turnovers in his last 2 games.
1. You sign AJ Feeley after week 1.


Ryan said…
Yeah, Peppers is getting paid the average of the 3 highest paid defensive-ends in the league this year to play patty-cake and race Matt Ryan to the sidelines.

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