My Fair Results

Shutout. 0-5 in pictures and 0-2 in collections. I was a bit disappointed none of our stuff placed but I can say for the most part, the entries that won deserved it. Jeremy, you would like to know that there was only 1 picture of a mountain reflecting in a lake in the top 5 landscapes. Oh well, there is always next year. I know I will be going back to my bread and butter, magnets, as I look to reclaim my 1st place ribbon. I also have a new idea for my baseball card collection that might bring home a ribbon there also.

The day wasn't a total wash. Beth, the kids, and I had a blast seeing the exhibits, watching Jacob enjoy some rides (and Maria's first merry go round), and enjoying some good old fashion funnel cake. I'll be back up there 2 more times as I will be volunteering for WBFJ. On Tuesday I will be working there booth and on Wed. I will be working the Jars of Clay Concert. That night I'll be selling merchandise for the band so I hope that will get me a chance to meet them.

If you live in the Triad area, I highly suggest you take in the Dixie Classic Fair. It's only $7.00 to get in and next wed. if you bring 5 cans of Lowes Foods brand food you get in free.


John Hill said…
Thanks Michael for volunteering at the fair...and all you do to help WBFJ....

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