My Best Youth Game Ever???

Yesterday marked our 1 year anniversary of our Refinery student Ministry. We celebrated by having a girls vs guys photo scavenger hunt. Now back in the old days this would have been done with Polaroid cameras (or in Bob Grants youth days a stone tablet and a chisel) But now that it's 2006, we have advanced to using digital cameras.

The rules were simple and photo hunt items were as follows:
- The adult in your group takes the pictures
- Everyone else in your group must be in the picture
- Pictures will be judged on accuracy
- Team with the most points wins
- If there is a tie, then team with the best unique photo wins (this will come into play later)

Scavenger Hunt Pictures:
Bagging groceries 2pts
In a shopping cart 4pts
In a restaurant 5pts
On a Tractor 8pts
On a play ground 8pts
Walking through a drive thru window 8pts
On a Fire Truck 10pts
With a law enforcement officer 12pts
With a man in a suite 15pts
On a church pew (must be in a church) 20pts
Unique Picture up to 30pts

Life Line:
You may call in and ask for a lifeline. The lifeline will be an easier picture that can take the place of another picture on the list. Your lifeline picture will be worth half of the amount of the picture your replace it with.

The teams were given 40 minutes to go get as many pictures and points as they could. Kipp took the guys and Shira & Rhonda took the girls.

When the teams arrived back we hooked up the cameras to the lap top and shot the photos up on the big screen. The girls chose to go first and immediately there was controversy when the girls had a pic of them in a church but not in a pew, instead they were in chairs. After a heated argument, I as judge gave the girls half credit. The rest of their pictures were strong with the only exception being their "unique" photo. It was a bit lame so they only got 10 out of a possible 30 pts. When the final score for the girls was tallied, they ended up with 86 points. That would be tough to beat.

The guys went next and were rolling along until we got to there picture with a law enforcement officer. They went to the local police dept but found no one around, so they gathered around a picture and plaque of the 2005 Kernersville Police Officer of the year and had their picture made with it. Brillant!! This had Kipp's idea all over it. Of cource the girls protested so I as judge had to decided. I gave the guys 10 out of a possible 12 points for it. Just when it loked like the guys team was going to fall a bit short in points (they didn't get has many pictures as the girls did) they brought out the big guns with not 1 but 2 unique pics. One was the guys lying on a railroad track and the other was the group coming out of 3 port-a-jons. I made them pick which unique picture they would use and they chose the port-a-jons. Smart choice because I gave them 30pts for it. Very unique stuff!!

When the guys added up their total points, to everyone's amazement (and possibly a herote miracle) they too ended up with 86 points!!! (No, this was not fixed. I had no idea what the total points would be as I was judging)

But wait, remember the tie breaker? "If there is a tie, then the team with best unique photo wins". And since the girls only got a 10 for thier picture and the guys got a 30, then the guys took home the prize as 2006 Photo Scavenger Hunt Champs. As the girls cried and demanded a rematch, the guys jumped off chairs, danced on tables, and rubbed it in the girls face.

Their prize for winning is free yogurt Zack's Yogart the next time our youth group goes. I hope they have Sundies on sale!


Erin said…
Okay so I an in a college group that's called Water's Edge at Crossroads Community Church in Georgia. We would absolutely love to play this scavenger hunt on one of our retreats. Since we don't know the area and we are college kids it would definately be harder...thanks for the inspiration.

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