Yet Again, More Mindless Drivel

I passed a gas station yesterday that had regular unleaded for $1.54.

This has been the coldest fall in recent memory for NC. It even snowed a couple of weeks ago.

Obama's not even in office yet and already he's solved the gas crisis and global warming. Way to go Barak!

ABC canceled one of the most creative television shows in the last 10 years when they pulled the plug on "Pushing Daisies" this week. It never had a chance once the powers that be decided not to bring it back last season when the writers strike ended. This is the second time ABC has pulled a show with a lot of promise. I'm waiting for them to cancel the final season of Lost. Actually they will probably wait until it only has 3 episodes left then can it.

Sports radio personality and icon Steve Czaben has been pumping up this HBO documentary called "Dirty Driving: Thunder Cars of Indiana" for the past few weeks. I finally had a chance to watch it and it may be one of the most entertaining documentaries I have ever seen. It follows the town of Anderson, Indiana thru the many factory closings and job loses as the residents cling to the only piece of enjoyment that have left, their local race track. There's an awkward balance of tragedy and comedy. I even email Czabe and told him how much I enjoyed it which he in turn then read my email on the air during his nationally broadcast daily radio show. If you have HBO you must watch "Dirty Driving". It's 70 minutes of your life that will be better off for having witnessed the carnage that is this redneckpolloza.

All four of my fantasy football teams made the playoffs. I finished the regular season in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively. The main league I care about is my keeper league. Since '04 I've won 3 regular season championships and 2 tournament championships. We'll see if the dynasty that is Greek Mafia will live on.

Wake Forest is looking great so far this season. They should be undefeated when UNC rolls into town next month. That will be a huge game and one that could set the stage for the remaining ACC season. We have the player to run with UNC and Duke this year so it we should see a return in the NCAA tournament and possibly a deep run once we get there.

I finished reading "The Shack". I plan on writing a more comprehensive review once i finish processing all I read. For the here and now I'll say that it was one of the best fiction books I have ever read. The copy I read was borrowed from a friend so I went out and bought my own when I finished it. 4 + Stars

My buddy Timmy Dixon is heading off for Adventures in Missions "World Race" in less then a month. You can follow his trip to 11 countries in 11 months here:
You can also give Timmy some support by clicking the "Support me" link on the left side of his blog.

I'm 34 and I've never had a cavity. They may change next Monday. I going to the dentist for the first time in 4 years. Not because anything is wrong, I just figured it was time for a half decade checkup. I'm praying for no cavities, not because of the pain and expense it will cost me but because after almost 11 years of marriage, this is the last thing I can hold over Beth's head.

Our youth and kids are walking/riding in the upcoming Kernersville Christmas parade on Sunday. It's the largest parade in the triad. Our youth will be passing our 5,000 candy canes and 1,000 invite cards along the parade route. They estimate 10-12,000 people show up for this event.

On a final note: Last week began the season of Advent. After Lent this is my favorite time in the church calendar. It's a great way to get focused on what's really important in life during this always busy and hectic time. Last week was focused on Hope and this week will be Peace. The Peace the bible talks of is not the absence of war and conflict but instead the presence of God. The peace of Christmas is about peace with God. It's an active experience of a harmony with God that promotes total well-being regardless of circumstances. Do you have that kind of Peace?


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