Christmas Came Early

* Note: This photo was taken a few years ago at Augusta when a group of women decided to protest the Masters golf tournament. The guy in the back is holding up a sign that reads, "Iron my shirt". - Priceless

Christmas came a bit early this year as my pastor Mike Willard gave me one of the coolest and most unexpected Christmas presents ever, tickets to the 2009 masters golf tournament in Augusta, GA. Now the tickets for us aren't for the tournament itself, those are as close to impossible to get as any sporting ticket on Earth, but that are to the Monday practice round which is still very hard to get (it requires applying, getting approved, then being put into a lottery to see if you get any tickets.) Some folks wait years for tickets just to the practice rounds. The thing I am most excited about is the chance to see Tiger Woods. Tiger is currently my favorite athlete alive today and it's in my bucket list to see him pay one hole before I die. Thanks Mike!!


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