Warning: Political Content Ahead

My good friend Joel wrote this little piece and I thought it was worth passing along...

Get ready for the liberal supermajority. Not only does it seem likely that Barak Obama will win the presidency, but the Senate Republicans will lose so many seats that they will be unable to filibuster and block seriously flawed bills. An op ed piece in the Wall Street Journal says that this occurred two other times in our nation’s history: 1933 and 1965. The article speculates that Democrats will vastly expand the government to achieve the welfare-state liberals now can only dream of. Once in place, such legislation will be nearly impossible to repeal just as happened in the past.

Here’s a partial list of previously blocked legislation that you can expect the liberal supermajority to pass and the liberal president to sign into law:

1. Government run healthcare for all

2. Greater investigation and regulation of private industry

3. Empowering of labor unions through the elimination of secret ballot voting

4. Lifting the cap on payroll tax to increase funding for Social Security and Medicare

5. Expanding the tax rate on top wage earnings, thereby decreasing investment and job creation

6. Increased regulation to control climate change

7. Election day voter registration

8. Granting felons (most of whom are liberal) the right to vote

9. Re-imposing the Fairness Doctrine, effectively squelching conservative talk radio

10. Government regulation of the internet

Is this the change Americans have been hoping for? Get ready for more government and less liberty. Be prepared for an economic depression extended further than FDR could have imagined. If you want, you’ve got it!


Ryan said…
That's called the blow-back from the worst president in the history of the United States. The country only has Bush/Cheney/Rove to thank for that. Might want to send them some chocolates. At least a card.

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