The Moral Dilemma of "R"

A couple of years ago Christian authors Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker merged talents and wrote the best selling book, "House", which is now being released in theaters. The hype around this film has come less from the fact that a main stream Hollywood studio is a making a major motion picture based on a best selling Christian novel and more from the movie's rating. The MPAA has given "House" a "R" rating and this has caused Dekker and many other Christians to question if the movie should be promoted to churches and Christians because of the moral dilemma it will cause. Dekker claims the movie has very little blood, no sex, and no profanity. He says the MPAA will not give him a reason as to why the movie was rated "R". Dekker also states that the movie's storyline sticks very closely with the book and he is pleased in the final product. I've heard other Christians say they will not see this movie now because of the rating. I think that's a bit ridiculous. If the same movie was to get a PG-13 rating they would go and never think twice, even if no content was changed. That's not a moral dilemma that legalism.

I see the "R" rating as a good thing. I'm sure a lot of nonbelievers who wouldn't be caught dead watching a "Christian" movie will now check this film out. The "R" rating, while it may be a moral dilemma (aka legalistic barrier) for some Christians, could be a great way to reach people with message of the movie/book who otherwise would never have given this film a second look.

I for one will probably not see this film. Not because of the rating but because I read the book and thought it was poorly done. All Hollywood can do it make it better in my opinion. If someone does see it I'd love to hear your review of it.


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