My 2007-2008 ACC Basketball Predictions

Last night my family and I had the chance to share in something special. We loaded up the car and headed out to the "Joel" for the opening game of Wake Forest's 2007-2008 season. But the night was much more meaningful then just another opening season game. Last night was all about our late Skip Prosser who passed away suddenly this past July. With the honoring of his family at mid court, to the announcement that the ACC distinguished service award would be renamed the "Skip Posser Award", to a video tribute, to the unveiling of a commemorative banner in the rafters of the "Joel", it was a night I am proud to say I was able to witness first hand.

Onto the game...I didn't have clue what to expect out of this team as far as talent or emotion. But boy did I LOVE what I saw. I know Wake was only playing Fairfield but the talent and execution of their game plane was light years ahead of the past two Wake teams. They played with confidence and a "let's win for Skip" attitude that the entire building could feel. There is NO WAY this team finishes last in the ACC like so many "experts" have predicted. After what I witnessed last night, a run at a NCAA tournament birth isn't out of the question. Another prediction, Wake's James Johnson will be ACC freshman of the year. That guy is amazing. I had read that several think he's their best big man since Josh Howard and after last night's performance I believe it.

And since we're talking about predictions, here's my picks for the upcoming basketball season...

1-North Carolina
4-NC State
6-Wake Forest
8-Georgia Tech
9-Boston College
11-Virginia Tech
12-Florida State


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