My Pride and Prejudice

Last night I attended East Forsyth’s production of “Pride and Prejudice”. I’ve never read the book or seen any of the 100 movie adaptations of it and honestly only went to support two of the students form my youth group. All in all I had a great time and thought all the students involved did a wonderful job with it.

Top eight highlights from my trip to see Pride and Prejudice”:

8) Drama teacher getting the mic and blasting the students for talking during the play. Quote: “If you have to talk you have to leave!!!”
7) Students then “ssshhhhing” very loudly when the lights went back down.
6) Drama teacher yelling on the mic with the lights off, “That’s not helping!!”
5) Kaylyn explaining to me that if Beth and I rented and watched “Pride and Prejudice” then we’d have sex. (Beth and I not Kaylyn and I)
4) Melinda being denied entrance into the auditorium until she finished her candy.
3) Catching Lindsay’s kiss with “Mr. Darcy” on my cell hone then posting it on You Tube.
2) Lindsay & Shekinah’s perfect acting as Elizabeth and Charlotte.
1) Seeing a guy on the row in front of us continually pick his nose then examine what came out.


Kaylyn said…
what an amazing night. I would have to say that the nose picking guy would be like #2 on my list of highlights of the evening!

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