My Quest For Peace

A friend of mine that teaches at a local university quizzed his students on the fact that Al Gore was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize. Two-thirds failed the question by guessing he wasn't. Not only was he but then he goes and wins the Noble Peace Prize for his fight against global warming.

Before my democrat / liberal friends start accusing me of making this a political statement let me assure you it has nothing to do with politics. Heck, Rush Limbaugh was nominated too and I think he deserved to be picked less then the Mr Internet Inventor Al. So no, this is not a political slam.
Most know my thoughts on global warming: I think it's a myth with no hard evidence to prove otherwise. For every "scientist" that says they believe in global warming there are 5 more that disagree. Whether it's real or not isn't the issue, what is the issue is that from now on the names Mother Teressa, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Al Gore can and will be used in the same sentence as all have won the Nobel Peace prize.

Can anyone on earth really tell me that Al Gore has done just as much for humanity then Mother T. and Dr. King? Please. This award is a joke and can NEVER be looked at the same way again.
On a side note: I've started work on my own documentary on saving Bigfoot from extinction. I'm starting a world wide "Save the Yeti" program with the hopes that one day I can win a Nobel Peace Prize. If Al can win it for glamorizing a myth then so can I.


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