My Kid Inside

Working at a major hospital has it's privileges. A few weeks ago Beth learned that Santa would be arriving at 10:00am on her hospital Air Care helicopter on the 18th. The plan was to take Jacob up to meet beth and see all the action. Although I held it in pretty well, I was more excited then him. As Jacob and I arrived yesterday for the big landing, I heard the sound of a chopper above us as I drove up the parking garage. My heart begin to race as I just knew we were missing the landing. I stepped on the gas and Jacob asked, "Why are you driving so fast?". I simply explained that Santa waited for no one. Fortunately when we arrived on top of the parking deck next to the helicopter pad they were taking off to go get the big guy, not bringing him him. As I sighed a breath of relief, Jacob and I found a place next to the landing pad ready for optimal viewing conditions. Before long we heard the sound of a helicopter propeller in the distance. Then the moment arrived. Santa made a quick pass around the hospital then came in for the landing. Jacob, Beth, and I were joined by 50 or so other parents and kids that had heard of the great arrival. As Jacob stood with a huge smile on his face witnessing Santa wave then unload out of the chopper, I to was glued to what I was witnessing. I felt like a kid again. For a brief second my faith in Santa was restored. Any guy who would fly in on a helicopter, sit down beside it, and take time to talk to each and every kid out there, young and old alike, couldn't be half bad. Jacob told Santa what he wanted for Christmas, got a gift bag from him, then went on his way. What I received was a lot more. I got a little dose of childlike faith that will carry me through this next week. Merry Christmas!


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