My sermon Recap 1.23.11

This past Sunday we took a look at John 11. Mary and Martha were grieving over the loss of their brother and Jesus grieved over the loss of His friend. We examined what our response to death is and what Jesus' response is not only to death but also to us as we grieve. I showed the following Rob Bell Nooma video to set up the message and then took the next 15-20 minutes just to share from my heart about my thoughts on death and grieving in the context of John 11. So no sermon notes this week. It was an "ad lib" week for me. On a side note the band performed two amazing cover songs. "He's my son" by Mark Schultz and 'The valley Song' by Jars of Clay. I suggest you "YouTube" both along with watching the following Nooma film, "Matthew".

Matthew 012 - Nooma - Rob Bell - Legendado from there. on Vimeo.


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