My Day at the Charlotte Leadership Conference: Dr Henry Cloud pt 1 - Necessary Endings

On Friday I attended the Charlotte Leadership Experience conference featuring Dr. Henry Cloud, Steven Furtick, and Joel Manvee. Below are the notes from the first session with Dr. Cloud. The topic was "Necessary Endings".

Dr. Henry Cloud
"Necessary Endings"
The Middle space is where you show up and pull off leadership
This is where our issues can get in the way
The problem isn't a lack of ideas, it's getting me and my team to do it
Everything has a Season or life cycle
"Today may be the biggest enemy of my tomorrow"
Read Ecclesiastes 3
Ending doesn't feel normal

Pruning - 3 reasons plants and companies (ie churches) need pruning
1) produces more buds then the soil/plant can feed/contain
- to many ministries?
- what needs to end?
- are there ministries that need to end because we can't sustain them?
- even profitable things can/ should in
- 80% vs 20% theory: stop 80% of what you're doing and focus on he remaining 20%
- what's the lifeblood of the church?
- what profitable things are sucking resources from what is needed
2) sick and not getting well
- what ideas or people (as in staff) are just not working out
- must be addressed
- not do any favors
3) dead and taking up space
- what do we need to bury

*must proactively prune
Jack Welch from GE:  if it's not 1 or 2 then we'll fix it, sell it, or close it
Always keep evaluating
People are waiting for you to lead

* Just because it hurts doesn't mean it harms
Ex. Dentist - going to the dentist hurts but it doesn't harm
Endings hurt but don't harm

Our life experiences shape and control our middle space.
Internal protest is where leadership must step up.
Have I developed false loyalties?
Can't be loyal when structures no longer fit.

How do you know what must end?
Do I have a hope or wish that something will turn around?
** Hope has an objective reason to believe
** A wish is a desire
"The best predictor of the future is the past unless something changes. If nothing changes then it's a wish."

Hope- must have a new energy source and a new template.
Who is bring new energy?
What's the new plan,direction,skills?
Hope sends time.

Sometimes its not broke but you have to fix it anyway
"Complacency is the biggest mind numer to leadership"
You can be winning and be losing

We all have natural defaults based on life experiences -avoid


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