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Has it really only been two and a half weeks since my last blog? it seems like way more then that. I'd like to blame my hiatus on the writers strike but really it's a combination of laziness and not really having anything to substantial to blog about. I guess in hindsight I could have posted tons of pics of my kids or pics of some clothes I got a great deal on at Kohl's the other day (JK Beth & Kay) but instead I'm going to bore the world wide web with more mindless thoughts and ramblings...

According to our local weather folks, we should have gotten 6-10 inches of snow/ice over the past 4 days. Instead we only got a dusting. I was closer in my predictions that we'd be getting nothing.

Speaking of the weather, ask the folks in Green Bay what they think about "global warming".

Speaking of Green bay, the KOD strikes again. Both teams I predicted to meet in the Super Bowl went a combined 1-2 in the playoffs and are now out of it. To really put my KOD to the test. I predict NE will beat NY 30-24.

Are there any two worse shows on TV then "Bill Maher" and the "Family Guy"? I tried to watch some of each show this past week and after 5 minutes it was all I could do not to jump out my 2nd story window. I honestly believe people who watch these shows lose brain cells with each viewing.

Speaking of bad shows, I watched "300" this past weekend. The special effects were good but that's about it. I would watch "Gladiator" 100 times out of 100 before watching "300" again.

The youth and I went to check out our local minor league hockey team yesterday. In the greatness that is minor league hockey, a fight broke out 2 seconds into the game. yes, 2 seconds. As soon as the puck hit the ice two players who evidently had a history went at it. Good stuff.

After the Iowa caucus, Rush Limbaugh started ranting about how winning states won;t mater in this election, that it's all going to come down to delegates. With each passing primary he kept ranting more and more about it and how the major media were ignoring this obvious fact. Then after Michigan, NBC and Fox both started saying, "This election will come down to delegates, not winning states". I guess this time Rush was right.

For an up to date delegate total check out: where Clinton and Romney are both way ahead.

And another thing about this past weekends football games. The one person I am most happy for is Tiki Barber. You know, the all-pro running back who threw his team and coach under the bus has he burned downed the Meadowlands on his way to an early retirement last season for the Giants. I wonder how it feels now to know he quit on a team that is playing for a Super Bowl? That's karma.

Countdown to "Lost" - 10 days....

A few years ago I had a couple of Wake Forest athletes come over and speak to my then youth group. One of the guys was a basketball walk-on from Tennessee named Alan Williams. Alan has since graduated and has written a best selling book entitled "Walk-on, Life at the end of the bench" which chronicles his four years as a walk on at WFU and in the ACC. I got the book for Christmas and finished it soon after the first of the year. The book was terrific and what impressed me was how much about his faith in Christ he poured into it. It had his email in the back of the book so on a chance I wrote him and told him how much I enjoyed it and reminded him of his visit with my group. After a few emails back and forth he is now scheduled to speak at our 9am & 11 am services at Main St. on Feb. 10th!! His ministry is

Speaking of Main Street, you can check out our new website at

I was thinking of the five most influential people ever in my life the other day. My list:

I believe my Xbox 360 may be one of the best purchases I have ever made. Beth would disagree but for me there is nothing like jumping online with friends at night and playing games for hours. My current game addictions: Burnout Revenge, NHL 08, and of course Catan.

I'm reading a great church book now called, "The Simple Church" by Thom Rainer.

UNC is the most OVERRATED basketball team in the country. That haven't beaten anyone so their loss to Maryland shouldn't have been that big of a shock.

I've watched a couple of classic movies lately that for whatever reason I never got around to seeing.
"Goodfellas" 4 stars
"The Big Lebowski" 2 1/2 stars

If you have HBO there are two GREAT documentaries on right now. "Hard as nails" is about a Catholic evangelist and "Friends of God" is about evangelicals influence on our country.

Well that's about it. I promise something more substantial next time.


Jeremy said…
I saw that Friend of God documentary last year or so. I thought it was really good too.

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