My Pre-Black Friday '06

I am a HUGE day after Thanksgiving day shopper. "Black Friday" as it is known in the retail world is my "running of the bulls". There are a few websites out there that have been posting what would be on sale at which stores for at least the past month. And I've been checking it everyday for updates. In the past, my routine has been: Kohls @ 5am, Staples @ 6am (sorry Charles), Circuit City @ 7am and Family Christian Store @ 8am. But this year, Circuit City has thrown a wrench in my plans, they are opening at 5am. So I guess I'll get up dark and early at 4 to go stand in line at CC. They have a ton of stuff I want to purchase for Christmas presents so I'm hoping that will take care of most of my shopping needs. I'm sure I'll run in Kohls and Target before heading home. I'll blog a full report on Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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