My Black Friday Adventures '06

Alarm goes off and I proceed to get ready, dressed, and brush my teeth before heading out.

Start the car and pull out of the driveway

As I drove past Best Buy and Circuit City, I noticed there must have been at least 300-400 people in line already at Best Buy. Since Circuit City is where I really needed to go, I made an executive decision to head on over there and get in line. As I got out of my car and approached the front of the store, I was amazed that their were only 70-80 people in line. I just thought it was because I was so early (they were to open at 5:00am). So I took my place in line. That's when things got weird. In less then 10 seconds after getting in line, I heard a mob of people behind me. I turned to see a few hundred folks walking up the sidewalk to get in line behind me. I immediately turned and faced straight ahead trying to figure out what just happened. How did I get in the middle of all these people? I tried to listen to the conversations around me and from what I could gather 1) I was in between people that had been there since 1:00am. Somehow I had fronted 3 hours worth of shoppers and 2) Circuit City employees were moving people up closer to the door in groups and I just happen to walk up and not be noticed as they were in between moving groups. Whatever the case may have been, I was up front and that's all that mattered.

The doors open and we all hurry in. An employee had come by handing out maps to the store so I scouted out where I need to go to get what I had on my list to purchase. I made sure I prioritized the items so I wasn't missing out on what I really wanted.

My shopping was complete and now came the daunting task of waiting in line to check out. I had ended up in the back corner of the store by the home audio equipment. There was a cashier there with only 2 people in line compared to the other registers which had at least 50 people in line. I asked if I could check out there and she said yes, but don't tell anybody.

I took my gifts to my car. The place was such a mad house I decided I would walk to my next destination, Target.

I arrive at Target to see a line of at least 500 people. Since there was no real item I was dying to buy there, I decided to wait by the doors until everyone had gone in instead of walking to the end of the line then following the crowd.

Doors opened and the crowd rushed in. I will say that the people at Target (mostly women) were a lot more hateful and pushy then the crowd at Circuit City (mostly men). I'm sure there is a great social experiment in there somewhere. I hung around the doors until most of the crowd was in then I stepped up and went on to buy my gifts.

After walking around the store and gathering what gifts I needed, I made my way to the check out. The lines there were almost as bad at Circuit City. At least 30-50 deep on 15 registers. As I turned to see which line was the shortest, I noticed that there was no one at the jewelry counter. I walked over to see if they could check me out and she said she already was (lol) Seriously, she said I could check out there if I had 6 items or less. I had 7 items so I set the one down for the person I cared least about and proceeded to check out.

I made my way back to my car and finally got out of there.

Stopped by the Family Christian Book Store for there door buster sales. They had a ton of great deals but none that made me want to buy anything extra. I was going to stick to my list no matter what.

I arrived at Ashley Furniture to take a look at their big sale. Everything was 20% off until 9:00am. We had been looking for some end tables for our living room for a while (as in 2+ years) We had found some we liked by Ashley a few weeks ago so this sale came at just the right time. I found the tables we wanted, ordered them, paid, then headed home.

I arrived home safe and sound. Another great Black Friday in the books.

My Black Friday Observations:
- When approached with the right attitude (Jesus makes the season not the stores) then the shopping experience can be very enjoyable
- There are a lot of angry people out there. They show up and wait in these lines and just boil. I don't get it. You know what you're getting yourself into when you get there. Truthfully, I think their anger goes deeper then standing in lines.
- If stores sell out of an item someone wants, most people will buy something else just to fill that desire to make a huge purchase
- I did very good this year in my purchases. I bought only the items on my list and did not buy one thing for myself.
- Every year I go out by myself. I think it would be fun to go out with someone next year. But they'd have to be able to keep up!


Unknown said…
Next year try "Black Friday" at my house. Starts at about 9:30 A.M. with a brief breakfast. Launches straight into video and computer games for 4 hours. Break for about an hour for lunch and a short walk with the dog. Then another 3 hours of gaming, snacks, another 3 hours of gaming, dinner, another 3 hours of gaming. finally massage sore fingers and head to bed. Much better than shopping!

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