Last night was a bad night for the kids. They both woke up numerous times which meant it became a bad night for Beth and I. We're both operating on no sleep today. The rainy weather doesn't help trying to stay awake.

A lot has happened in my life over the past ten years. But none of it was as unexpected as the Carolina Hurricanes about to win the NHL Stanley Cup. They first moved here from Hartford back in '96. Beth and I went to see them play a few times while they were based in Greensboro. Not only did we only have about 2,000 fans in a 23,000 seat coliseum to see them play, but the team stunk too. They were the laughing stocks of the NHL. I made the prediction then that a NHL team would never make it in the Carolinas. Yeah, that's about par for the course when it comes to my sports predictions.

We plan on taking Jacob to see his first "movie theater" film this Friday we we go see "Cars". We actually took him with us to see "Elf" but he was only 4 months old and he slept through the whole thing.

Speaking of first, I plan on taking Jacob with me fishing this Saturday at our churches "Guy's day out fishing tournament." I guess I can call it a tournament since we'll be giving out prizes. Either way I hope Jacob enjoys it. I have a feeling he'll fish for 30 seconds then want to play on the playground for the rest of the day.

Father's day really gets the shaft. If you look around the stores as Mother's Day approaches, everything is, "Buy mom this $700 diamond tennis bracelet" or "Show your mom how much you love her by giving her this $300 trip to a day spa". I walked into a store the other day and right in front they had "gifts for Dad". The "gifts" consisted on a $5 universal remote, a $5 wall clock in the shape of a tire, and a $7 three-in-one flashlight/compass/knife. Being a dad is all work, no glory. There, I said it!

I'm getting ready to film my newest "announcement" video for church. I do this everytime I'm away. This one may be the best yet, if only because it has a surprise ending.

We watched a terrific episode of "Scrubs" the other night that guest stared Michael J. Fox as a brilliant doctor who was paralyzed by severe OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) It got me thinking of my on mild OCD. I'm not as bad as some folks, (some wash their hands constantly or can't do a thing without following a certain set of rituals) but I do have my quirks. I have to make sure lights are always off when no one is in a room. I always blow out the "dust" in my cups when I get them out of the cabinet. Everything where I'm at, at the time, has got to be in just the right spot. I have to make sure all my cards are turned the same direction in any card game. I could keep going on but think I'll stop. I think what makes these annoying habits OCD verses just a normal habit is the fact that I can't concentrate on anything else until I "fix" what I perceive to be messed up. Beth has her own set of OCD that I'll let her tell you about. What bothers me the most is seeing it already in our son. Jacob has these little "quirks" that he has to do or he can't function. For instances, each day he takes his riding toys out of the garage and lines them up in the front yard. Except he just doesn't drag them out and leave them scattered all over, he makes sure each one is in a perfectly placed position and if you move one an inch he goes postal until he can put it back. Maybe there is hope for Maria.

Speaking of Maria, she turns 1 year old today. Beth and I tried to reminisce about her birth last year but Beth had the story all wrong. I don't know what kid she was delivering but it wasn't mine. Happy B-Day Maria!! (even if your mom doesn't know what really happened)


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