Samson: Week One

SAMSON (week one)
When Strong Men Are Weak

· Message series for men...and women. Wives, Moms, Singles
· One of the main catalyst for this new series is a verse found in the book of Ezekiel.

"And I sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the breach before me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none. Ezek 22:30

· No one to stand in the gap, fight the fight, love their wives, raise kids, be leaders in the areas of your life where God has positioned them to lead.
· I believe we have men at Re3 like that. That when called upon would stand in the gap.
· But should we have to wait to be called upon?
· Do we really need some type of spiritual bat signal?

· Henry Varley convo with DL Moody, “The world has yet to see what God will do with a man fully consecrated to him”
· Moody responded, “I am that man”
· What does it take to be that kind of man?
· Maybe no better place to look than the life of Samson
· A man whose accomplishments are legendary but so are his weaknesses.
· He, like us, had tremendous God-given potential, self-destructs.


· Birth announced by an angel
· Compromise vow to God for a handful honey
· Set apart and chosen to deliver God’s people
· Uncontrollable fits of anger
· Massively empowered, super strength
· Killed 30 men to pay off gambling debt
· Tore apart a lion, killed 1000 men
· Insatiable weakness for women

· We see this today in men everywhere, both sets of extremes
· Committed to work or gym—won’t commit woman.
· Aggressive at work—passive/hands off at home.
· 3 hrs researching what you want to buy—not 5 minutes Bible
· Love God, love wife—trapped in a lustful secret world.
· Israelites had done evil in the eyes of God. Handed to             Philistines for 40 yrs.
· Judges 13: Angel says, you’re barren but you will conceive and give birth to a son.
· He will deliver God’s people from Philistines!
· Special Nazerrite Vow (Numbers 6)
· Abstain from wine and anything made with grapes, don’t touch anything dead, don’t cut your hair.
· Give an ordinary (non-priest) the way to dedicate his life to God.
· Sampson the adult, begins to fall to what every man is tempted with…


Lust - I want it
· God sent him to act like he was looking for a wife
· Saw a woman he wanted to marry, Philistine, he wanted her no matter what law he broke. (ch. 14)
· We believe that if our appetite craves it, then it must be ok.

Entitlement - I deserve it
· Killed a lion, later found bees and honey in it and took some. (ch. 14)
· He killed the lion, he deserves the honey.
· Broke a vow to God for a handful of honey!
· Who would do that? You would. I would.
· I work hard, I deserve this new boat, new car, new girl

Pride - I can handle it
· Threw a feats (Mish-the) “occasion for drinking
· Aka - he threw a keg party
· I’m strong! I want it. I deserve it. I can handle it.
· Enemy always draws us toward something that should be off-limits to your faith.
· Ex. Alcoholic: Want a few drinks. Deserve few drinks. Handle few drinks!
· Ex. Want a new flat screen, computer, car. Deserve. Handle payments!
· Ex. Want to have girlfriend stay night. Deserve, Handle.

· Fast forward to end of Samson’s life
· Samson—with long hair. Outside looks like he’s following God. Inside—his heart has drifted!
· Eventually his hair is cut and his eyes are gouged out
· He’s a laughing stock!
· Fast forward to the end of your life—Divorced, No relationship with kids, Financial wreck!
· All for a handful honey
· If you want to be a strong man of God—admit to your weaknesses!


· I WANT GOD. I want what he wants for me more than what my appetite wants. Learn to say no.
· I DESERVE DEATH. Everything I have comes from God. He’s the owner, I’m the manager.  Humility.
· I CAN’T HANDLE ANYTHING WITHOUT GOD. Not by my strength but His. I’m not Jesus. I’m not even Superman.
· Don’t try to do it all - burnout
· I can’t resist lust, entitlement, and pride on my own. I need His help. 


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