So this is what winning feels like!

In my not so illustrious sporting career I have never, I repeat never played on a winning team. I know it's early and the Mike Gianopulos "Kiss Of Death" will probably come back to kill this but after one game of my new soccer season our team is 1-0! I'm playing with the same group I played in-door soccer with at the Y this past winter. The Kernersville Soccer Association organized their first adult league and had over 200 people sign-up. We joined as a team and added a few more folks to the mix. After getting killed in the in-door season I wasn't expecting to much this go around. I'm not sure yet if the competition is not quite what it was at the Y or we are just a much better outdoor team. We scored the first goal about 5 min into the game (that became the first time our team had ever had a lead) At the half we were up 2-0 and when the final whistle sounded we had won 4-1. Look out Barcelona here we come!


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