The Man Behind The Curtain

I stalled as long as I could. After many years of request to record our worship services and after many years of putting it off, the gift of modern technology has finally gotten the best of me. Our church recently purchased some recording equipment for our fellowship hall, which is where I lead our weekly Refinery service, so people would have access to past services.

I'm not sure the exact reason why I never cared if my services were recorded. One reason is I know how I am when I hear a really great talk at a conference. I buy the CD afterward then when I listen to it again it wasn't quite as good as I remembered it. I was always afraid the same thing would happen with me. Someone would love the message and service then listen to it again and see it really wasn't that great. Another reason is the demon of self-doubt I wrestle with daily. After every message I ever give I'm immediately attacked by my dark-passenger. I convince myself that what I said didn't make any sense, or that it was not biblical, or instead of leading people closer to Jesus I actually managed to push them further away. Now that we can and are putting the services online for the whole world to hear it opens up the door for outside criticism of what I say and what we do. And believe me there are some morons somewhere just waiting to pick apart everything that is said and done. It happens to the largest churches and most famous pastors and it happens to the smallest and least known. I just didn't want it to happen to me. I get beat down enough from me much less getting it from anyone else.

So here we are now slowly catching up with the rest of the church world with our new online website. If you care to listen you may, just remember that this is still in it's infancy stages and we're still working out some of the technical mishaps. As far as the music and preaching, there are no excuses for that.


Jason Grant said…
Is there a way to download for one's ipod?!
Mel said…
I'm excited though! It will be cool to listen from so far away!
Unknown said…
- I thought I was the only one that thought that way after a sermon.

Robert Dixon

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