March Hindsights

This month has for the most part has gone by in a blur. Several times I've wanted to blog about various events in the day-to-day life of this Jesusgreek but never had the time. So today during a much needed sabbath I'm going to try my best to recall a few random hindsight's...

  • "No country for old men" and "3:10 to Yuma" were two of the best movies I've seen in a long time.
  • "Twilight" was one of the worst. Beth swears the books are better but the movie may have done to much harm for me to ever give them a chance.
  • My indoor soccer team at the Y may have went 0-8 this season but I met a lot of very cool folks and had more fun losing then I have had before.
  • I've figured out I'm destined to be a loser the rest of my life. I've never played on a single winning team. I know nothing about the thrill of victory but I can sure tell you a lot about the agony of defeat.
  • I finally got back on my bike for a trip around Salem Lake. I forgot how much I enjoy riding.
  • Church has been amazing the past few months.
  • The youth spring retreat was so indescribable that it will takes weeks to process all that God did. I know without a doubt we have the best students and adult leaders on the planet.
  • I finally watched season one of "Curb your enthusiasm". It may be the most uncomfortable show ever.
  • I'm convinced watching "Lost" makes you smarter while "American Idol" kills brain cells.
  • My kids are so full of life and I pray daily that they keep that joy for life forever.
  • Senior Teague makes Spanish class fun. If all my teachers had been like him I may have actually enjoyed school.
  • I'm finding that I'm often way to worried about the physical and not focused enough on the spiritual.
  • Just because someone has been part of your past doesn't mean they have to be part of your future.
  • There is not a more pure worship leader / musician I've found then Cindy Johnson
  • I'll never understand why God allows me to have the life I do. I am so undeserving.


Kristie said…
how about 2001 -- youth group softball league?... we were undefeated... don't you remember the sweet taste of victory?

PS Darryl and I ordered mountain bikes from a local shop and we're waiting on them to come in... you'll have to come up and we can all go riding on some mt. trails!
Mike G. said…
I coached that team, I didn't play on it. But that is my "one shining moment"
Ryan said…
I second the "YUMA" and "No Country". And the "loser" part. heh heh

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