Boortz Nailed It

I told Beth I wasn't going to comment on the results of our election for fear that I would say something that might offend one of my many friends that support our newly elected presient. But as I read Neal Boortz's commentary today ( I couldn't help but pass it along. Neal nailed it in every way possible. I'm not to worried about posting this as it is pretty lengthy so I imagine most won't take the time to read it. For those of you who will, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



I brought this up several months ago ... a slogan for this election. "I want my mommy." The phrase really says it all. This is not an election where the American voters were looking for someone to protect their freedoms. Instead, it was an election where people were looking for someone to take care of them. Self-sufficiency seems a bit old-fashioned right now. Why work so hard to be self-sufficient when candidates are falling all over themselves to provide the American people with womb-to-tomb or, if you will, cradle-to-grave paternalism. The voters who put Barack Obama into office bear little resemblance to the people who fought for independence 224 years ago. Colonists fighting for our independence actually left their bloody footprints along the icy roads of New York and Pennsylvania while marching to engage the British troops. Today we can't even drum of a decent plurality of voters who will vote for liberty, let alone fight for it.

This has been a "what's in it for me" vote. Are you going to give me health care? Are you going to make sure my job is guaranteed? Are you going to cover my child care costs? You aren't going to make me pay taxes, are you? How about all those evil rich people? Aren't you going to take some of their money away from them and give it to me? After all ... I work for my money, they cheated and stole for theirs. Make them pay their fair share of taxes. Me? I'm tired of paying any share.

The big question for me today is whether or not freedom, economic liberty and self-sufficiency can make a comeback in America. Right now it seems that a dismaying number of Americans think that they are owed a living; that it is the government's job to guarantee their economic security. Can we ever turn that around and return to a time when people accept the responsibility for their own lives and eschew the idea of using government as a tool of legalized plunder?

Several times in the last few day's I've mentioned the concept of "The Tipping Point." I'm using that term in the context of voting and taxpaying. Right now we are at the point where about 43% of American income earners pay absolutely NO income tax. I've been saying for years that if the Democrats ever gain absolute control in Washington we're going to see that percentage climb ... climb to over 50%. That's the tipping point. Imagine a political campaign where the majority of voters do not pay income taxes. Imagine a campaign where the majority of voters actually get a check from the government instead of writing a check to the government. Can you hear the Democrat campaign themes then? "Vote for the Republicans and they're going to make you pay income taxes."

In fact ... I've already developed the Democrat campaign themes for the next several presidential elections:

2012: "Vote for the Republicans and they're going to make you pay income taxes."

2016: "Vote for the Republicans and they're going to make you pay your own Social Security and Medicare taxes."

2020: "Vote for the Republicans and they're going to make you pay for your own health care."

2024: "Vote for the Republicans and they're going to make you pay for your own place to live."
Here we are my friends. We're at the point where virtually every voter out there understands that they can use their ballot as an instrument of plunder. For those of you who went to government schools, that means they can use their vote to take money away from other citizens. That would be the difference between a Democracy (rule of man) and a Republic (rule of law).


One thing you can say is that Barack Obama didn't necessarily get the landslide. Yes, he has the momentum. But liberals were expecting for him to knock this one out of the park FDR-style. The popular vote was close - 51.3 percent to 47.5 percent.


It is still hard to tell for sure the full extent of the damage in the Congress. But it basically went as expected. The Democrats won't get their magical 60 seats in the Senate, but they will have enough. Already with a majority in the Senate, Republican Sens. Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina and John Sununu of New Hampshire lost their seats to Democrats. Also, Virginia and New Mexico picked up seats from retiring GOP Senators. Some races (like in Minnesota) are still too close to call.

In the House, the Democrats were able to knock out at least 12 Republicans so far and gain 9 open GOP seats. There were a few Republicans who were able to win over Democrat incumbents (four, to be exact). But a lot of these races are still going. The last we heard, Democrats had over 250 seats in the House and at this rate, they are expected to gain 20 seats in total. That would put their somewhere around 255 seats.

Oh and let's not even get started on Governor's races.


It appears that Saxby Chambliss got his majority over that anti-FairTax liar Jim Martin. This is one victory I am really glad the Democrats cannot claim today. Imagine how much damage could have been done with this Jim Martin adding to their 57+ Democrat majority.


The end of the secret ballot in union elections
A return of the Fairness Doctrine
A tax code punishing the wealthy, businesses, entrepreneurs, achievers
More federal government in government schools
Universal healthcare
Cap-and-trade policies on coal (no nuclear power, no drilling)
Supreme Court justices who favor a vaporous idea of "fairness" over the Constitution
The security of our nation and our allies (particularly Israel)

So now it's all up to the Democrats ..... it is their turn to prove that they can somehow tax the achievers, increase spending programs and still get federal spending under control. Isn't that what the people want? Change? Oh, that's right. The people forgot to ask what exactly we were going to be changing to.


As if the MSM didn't carry Obama to his victory, they are adopting Obama's campaign theme of change (apparently since it seemed to work so well for him). MSNBC adopted the saying last night "Watch MSNBC, and experience the power of change."

Could it get any more obvious?


I keep thinking about that foolish woman at the Obama rally who said that with a Barack Obama presidency she "wouldn't have to worry about putting gas in her car and wouldn't have to worry about paying her mortgage." There are so many like her – people who sincerely believe that an Obama presidency is going to be a substitute for work. Give these people about six months and they're going to be wondering what happened ... where their gravy train went ... why they're still having to work for a living.


If you don't think that the dumbing-down of America through government education had anything to do with Obama's victory, then you ought to be sentenced to reading some of the comments from Obama supporters we've received. You would soon be of a different opinion.

Get ready for retroactive tax increases. When the Democrats begin their punishment of achievement you can bet that that they'll make any tax increase on the high achievers retroactive to January 1, 2009.

An idea for small business owners: Make note now of which of your employees voted for Obama. When the tax increases hit and you're looking for a way to cut expenses to offset the higher taxes, they should be the first to go. They voted for it, let them suffer the consequences.

Did you see those black militants at the Philadelphia polling places? There they were in the black berets brandishing nightsticks guarding the entrance to the polling location. Not much screaming over that. But ... what it if had been skinheads "guarding" the entrance to a predominately white polling place. Yeah .. just imagine the reaction to that for a moment.

I wonder what percentage of the vote can be attributed to the media's fawning over The Chosen One? Not only do Republicans have to fight to win the hearts and minds of Americans again .. but they have to battle the media as well. Nothing there will change. One commentator last night said that Obama will scratch their stomachs every once in a while and they'll roll over like puppies.

While we're on that topic, you cannot imagine the number of "Wait until Barack Obama is President, and see what happens to you" emails we've received here at the Boortz show. We generally chose not to comment on or post them ... but they were there nonetheless – in large numbers. I cannot remember a previous election where a candidate was wielded as a weapon like this.

Do you realize that way back yonder at the founding of our Republic the word "Democrat" was an epithet? Back then if you called someone a Democrat you might well be challenged to a duel --- or just get the snot knocked out of you. In the late 1700s a Democrat was "someone who panders to the whims of the masses." Not much has changed insofar as the definition has changed ... but now we elect them.

Rhetorical ability is so very important in politics. Obama has it, McCain does not. Smooth talkers win at single's bars and in politics .. often with similar outcomes for the listener.

I wonder how many people voted their jobs away yesterday?

Looking ahead to 2012? Unless someone better shows up, Huckabee is my choice on the Republican side. As for the Libertarian ... well, I have a favorite choice, but don't know if he'll run, let alone if he could win the nomination. A lot of peace-at-any-price Libertarians aren't too fond of him.

I still remember in the days after the Republican voter revolution of 1994 when I heard a talk radio colleague telling listeners that liberals are finished .. done. The suggestion was made that we should save a few liberals and put them on display just so we can remember what they were like. "Yeah," I thought. "Don't kid yourself. They'll be back with a vengeance.. looking for conservative blood." Hellllooooooooo!

Here in Georgia Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss won reelection. He defeated a Democrat weasel who told voters that "Saxby Chambliss wants to add a 23% sales tax to everything you buy." You see .. there is something to smile about today.


What is clear is that the Republican Party has failed on so many levels. I'm not talking about John McCain, I'm talking about the Republican Party. A party that was supposed to reflect the Conservative values of limited government, fiscal restraint, among others, got completely drunk with power. Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed.

Republicans also failed to communicate a message that people could understand. Only in the last days, when Joe the Plumber arrived, did a light bulb flicker. But it shouldn't have taken one man in Ohio to do it. John McCain should have spent months hammering Obama's Marxist tendencies -- his 95% tax cut lies -- his cutting capital gains for small businesses. As a party Republicans failed to rally a base that reflected its core values. Maybe that is because those core values no longer exist for the Republicans in power. Just take a look at the past eight years. But somehow, before the next election, they must figure out which direction they want to take their party, and they must believe it, market it, and most importantly – live up to it.

If the Republicans don't learn from this, that is their own fault. They created Barack Obama. They created a Congressional Democrat majority. But they also have the power to re-create their party. Some pundits are worried that this "new direction" will be more socially Conservative. Perhaps that's exactly what we need! My preference would be to see a move back to basic principles of individualism, freedom, economic liberty, self sufficiency and pride in our Country ... with a highlight on individualism. Barack Obama is merely a continuation of the leftist war against the concept of the individual. Democrats look at us as tools ... tools to be used to create some sort of an egalitarian society. Can the Republicans make this point to the voters? Hint: Republicans need to look to the Libertarian Party for some ideas on how to promote the idea of individualism and fight the concept of the individual as government property.


And there is no doubt that "new voters" turned out in this election. When they say "new voters" they are talking about people who have never voted in an election before. And of these new voters, 6 out of every 10 were under the age of 30 years old. So we are talking about the college kids and those people who have barely begun to formulate a mature thought about politics ... I know, I am going to catch heck for that ... "but not ALL college kids!"

My point is that these young voters turned out for Barack Obama in numbers close to 70% in some states. They came out to vote for their American Idol/MTV candidate. And these people are the future of this country. Maybe they will one day realize the repercussions of putting a Marxist in the White House when they try to open their own business. Maybe they'll look back and think "Gawd, how could I have been so ignorant? How could I have bought into this "change" rhetoric?" They will get what they voted for, and you can thank government schools, by the way.

I've been doing talk radio for almost 40 years. This is my 10th presidential election as a talk show host. A lot of younger listeners – the type who voted for Obama, I suspect – love to send me emails making fun of my age. The "hey old man" messages come now with regularity. Well .. tell you what. It's not my future that has been endangered by this election. I don't have to worry about the MoveOn Democrat party robbing me of my opportunity to make a good life for myself and my family. Been there, done that. Some of you younger voters might want to stop and take a moment to think about your own future though. Many of you will succumb to government paternalism and do just enough to get by ... collecting your "tax break" checks from the government and making sure that those checks never go away by keeping the Democrats in power. Some of you, though, are going to become ambitious. You're going to experience the desire to work hard, to work smart, and to go the extra mile. When you do you're going to find the government there ready to stand in your way and, if you manage to succeed, rob you of the fruits of your labor.

I have a friend who's daughter received her first paycheck a few weeks ago .. a check for one day's work as a substitute teacher. Now remember ... we're talking teacher here ... as in government schools. She earned $60 dollars for that one day's work ... but the check was for $52. She was shocked. "But dad!" she said, "They told me I was going to make sixty dollars!"

Hey, lady. You ain't seen nuthin' yet.


Making the rounds on Election Day, Senator Chuck Schumer reiterated his support for the Fairness Doctrine. He says he supports it because all people should support coverage that is "fair and balanced." He said, "The very same people who don't want the Fairness Doctrine want the FCC to limit pornography on the air. I am for that... But you can't say government hands off in one area to a commercial enterprise but you are allowed to intervene in another. That's not consistent."

Okay, folks. I know that you are tired of hearing about this. And this may not be something that Barack Obama champions, but the fact is that there is huge momentum for House Democrats right now. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (a close friend of Obama) says that it is time to reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine. Senate Rules Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein has stated her strong support for the Fairness Doctrine. My point is that these Democrats in Congress could get greedy. They could feel like they have a mandate of the people and push for legislation like this.


Not sure if you caught some of the world's reaction to an Obama presidency. I kept hearing this line about America being "less arrogant" with Obama in the White House. I can only assume that by "less arrogant" they mean that Obama will fail to put his country and its citizens first. That he would be willing to talk with directly with nations that have called for the destruction of our allies. That he would be absolutely against the Bush Doctrine of preemptive strike. That he would pull our troops out of Iraq in defeat, because it would look good to the rest of the world. I guess there is nothing arrogant, to the outside world, about a man who wants to punish success in his own country so that every can be more "equal."

Obama using the words "less arrogant?" Amazing.

PALIN 2012?

One of the rumors circulating has been the fact that Sarah Palin has no intentions of leaving the national political stage, and that she would be a top contender for 2012. At that rate she would have been a mayor, a governor, and a vice presidential nominee ... but for Democrats, I'm sure that will not be enough experience for Palin to be considered. A lot can happen in four years. Heck, we've learned in this election that a lot can happen in just days. It wasn't but a few weeks ago that Joe the Plumber entered the scene. But the Republican Party has a lot of work to do before it can even think of another election.


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