Homecoming at the Grove or "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue

This past Sunday I was invited back to where my full time ministry all began, Shady Grove UMC (www.shadygroveumc.com) The church has changed a lot since they first hired me way back in September of '97. When I arrive back in '97 we had one service with about 150 attendees. Now they have 3 services with close to 700 attending. The new pastor Lynn Upchurch is perfect for that church. He's passionate and genuine which are both qualities they needed in a pastor.

I stayed on staff at the church until May of '03 when I stepped out to plant The Refinery. I started out as their Director of Christian Education then moved to Youth pastor and eventually Youth and College Pastor. My time at SGUMC was by far the most influential in who I am today as not only a minister but as a Christian, husband, father, friend, and man. I will never forget how supportive that church always was to me and Beth.

I had to preach at all three services which was a stretch for someone like me that is use to just putting in one sermon a day. I don't know how Lynn does it every week. The rush of emotions I felt as so many faces greeted me with huge smiles and open arms was unbelievable. I think I hugged more people that day then I have this whole year combined. As pastors I think most of us feel under appreciated so when you have a day like that where you feel so much love it's something that will stick with you forever. It will definitely go down in my book as one of the highlights of my ministry life.


Kaylyn said…
Do Brent and I need to give you more hugs after your sermons? We can do that if needed. :)

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