Fantasy Sports Addiction or "Addicted To Love" - Robert Palmer

I have a serious addiction. One that's close to getting out of hand. I'm addicted to fantasy sports. It all started 14 years ago when my buddy Brian gave me my first taste of fantasy baseball. Now I'm ashamed to say that my addiction has reached a fever pitch. When I signed up for fantasy hockey this morning (yes,hockey?!?) my current fantasy league total stands at 18. That's 18 leagues I am in RIGHT NOW as we speak. They include baseball(4), football (college and pro - 8) , nascar(3), golf(1), hockey(1), and formula 1(1).

Every season I tell myself that I'm going to cut some leagues out. And every year I add more and more leagues. The ironic thing is as my fantasy play has increased my overall sports viewing had decreased.

I've been asked, "Why do I love fantasy sports so much?" It basically boils down to the fact that I hit all three characteristics of the perfect fantasy fan: 1) I'm a control freak. This allows me to have control over my team and do with it what I wish. 2) I get to create. Any sports fan has always said, "If I owned (insert favorite team) then I would ..." Now it's our chance. The best part is we can do it for free versus paying 600 million for the team. And 3) I'm a stat geek. I love stats. 99% of all fantasy sports is all about the numbers. I played fantasy hockey a few years back for the first time. I knew and still know nothing about the sport but I won my league. How? Because I payed attention to the numbers and not the names on the jerseys.

I know...I'm hurt'n. But I'm 4-0 in my NFL leagues after one week!


Unknown said…
I agreed of your message and i have been thinking of Fantasy in Sports whether right or wrong, Obsession and addiction are often regarded as something unhealthy or dangerous. We all know someone that has a serious problem with drugs, alcohol or watching Likewise they all know individuals obsessed with professional sports, and perhaps they are one of those athletic addicts themselves.It's common of sports junkies to deny addiction.
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Unknown said…
Its a common thing in addiction. Rocker Robert Palmer helped define a decade of excess with his lyrics of girls, money, sex, and convertibles. An artist that was almost as well known for his music as his videos and most notably the unforgettable imagery in Addicted to Love which became an instant classic. Palmer released True Love, a single from the album Rhythm and Blues the song was a minor hit in Britain.

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