My "Goodwill" Rant

There's a Baptist church across the street from the entrance to my neighborhood that has finally pushed me over the edge. I will try to keep the name hidden so I won't embarrass them . Will just call them GWBC. GWBC has done a long list of things that have infuriated me. So much so that there has been a many of mornings as I drive past it I ask God why he hasn't rained down fire from the sky to destroy yet one more "church" that makes Him look bad.

Example one: When their previous pastor was there (a friend of mine) they asked him to resign because they weren't set up to handle his "special needs" sons. Do you know what their "special needs" were? They were BLACK! He and his wife had adopted two African-American boys and his white church couldn't handle it.

Example two: GWBC was having a "trunk or treat" last Halloween. The parking lot was full of visitors going car to car to collect candy. (A very progressive outreach for this church) At 7:00pm while the event was in full force, a group of church members went around and asked everyone to leave so they could have their weekly "prayer meeting". The 50-70 visitors left and the 5-7 people that can for the "prayer meeting" were happy.

Example three: They are the only church within a 4 mile stretch of road around my home. Which in the south is a huge accomplishment if not a minor miracle. To show how welcoming GWBC is to our community, last year they took their wide open parking lot where kids go to ride bikes, folks go to shoot basketball, and parents go to wait for their kids to be dropped off from school bus and built two huge metal gates to keep people out. I guess the thoughts of someone actually using that property for something productive was to much for them to handle.

And now this: They have a sign out front full of those ridiculous church sayings. This week has been the straw that broke the camel's back for me. So much so that I even called to complain. The sign reads, " When all else fails, rely on God". I'll admit on the surface it's not that bad. But when you look deeper, is that really the message The Church should be sending. That when you have exhausted every other means of hope then you mine as well try this God thing? It's ludicrous! Shouldn't the sign read, "Rely on God before all else fails"? This is why GWBC sucks. They have no idea what it means to put God first. It's all about them, their power, their control, their "whitening of the church", their closed doors, and their egos. To them, much like every other church like them, the world revolves around them and God should be thankful to have such a church like that on His side.

I swear if I were God I would purge the world of all these waste of churches. I'd run them out and use their builds for homeless shelters, soup kitchens, community centers and more. I'd only allow once church denomination per city/town. No more breakaway Baptist or three United Methodist churches on the same street within one 2 blocks of each other. But I'm not God (and that's a good thing for those churches) so I guess I'll have to keep blogging my rants, calling them out, and praying down fire from heaven.


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