My LOST Report 4.2

Another amazing episode last night. Here are some questions and theories I have after giving it a little thought:

Where does the "new" Oceanic 815 plane come from?
Least likely: Oceanic sunk another plane and set up the finding of it to bring closure to the disappearance.
Sort of likely: Darma sunk the plan to get searchers away from what they are looking for which is the island
Most likely: Ben had the fake 815 sunk and found so that people would not accidentally find the island.

Why are the four searchers after Ben?
They work for Darma and they want revenge on Ben for gassing their people. They want to take back the island. That would explain the box of gas mask Jack found.

Who is the mysterious black guy we've seen the past two weeks?
Head of Darma

Could that guy be the person in the coffin Jack visits?

How do the "Oceanic Six" make it off the island?
The helicopter. It can only hold 6 and they feel guilty for leaving the rest behind.

Who are the “Oceanic Six”?
My guess is Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Jin, and Sun

Who’s on the boat that Ben knows?
?? Would be cool if it was patchy!


Kaylyn said…
I like the name Patchy for Mikael. Nice. I think I'll use it from now on! Can't wait for our next Lost party!!

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